Internal Dim Mak

In this post I hope to give the reader a little insight into the reality of Internal Dim Mak. I will do that by first explaining a bit about more well known systems of Dim Mak and then comparing and contrasting them to what I mean by Internal Dim Mak.

There are quite a few different systems of Dim Mak. The most commonly known systems are acupuncture meridian pressure point based systems. Pressure points are located where the acupuncture meridian lines are at or near the body surface and usually near or on a bone making them quite vulnerable as a target. There are Dim Mak systems that use the nervous system including but not limited to the Vagus nerve which is a fairly easy way to shut down the body. There are other Dim Mak systems that focus on sending a signal to the brain or spine to shut down such as striking or choking a person on the Carotid nerve which stimulates the vagus or a blood choke which cuts off the oxygen to the brain causing a knockout. Systems that do these kinds of things would be referred to in China as Sealing the blood or Sealing the air.

Most of the Dim Mak systems that people here in the USA are familiar with are meridian pressure point based systems and sealing of the air. The pressure point systems work because a pressure point on a meridian is struck and then a corresponding pressure point or points are struck. The combination of pressure points along with the strike(s) being delivered at the proper angle and depth along with the correct kind of strike, rub, bump, scrape etc then causes an overload or a drainage to the human body’s nervous system that results in a brain shut down and hence a knockout.

When training meridian pressure point strikes you must learn where the points are, how to hit them and in what order to hit them. One of the big noticeable differences for Internal Dim Mak strikes is that they work no matter where contact is made. As a result the pressure points are much less important as a body of study.

These kind of Internal Dim Mak systems are much lesser known. In these kind of systems you do not have to strike a pressure point. The strike contact can be made anywhere on the body and directed inside of the person’s body so that they will get the effect of the strike wherever it is intended. So, if you want to affect the person’s heart but you can only reach their hands then you strike the hand with the intention of sending the strike to the heart. If you want to knock the person out then you send the strike to the persons head with the intention of knocking them out. In China this is commonly referred to as high level Fa Jing or Explosive energy transfer.

For Internal Dim Mak you must train the ability to make a hit go inside of them where you want it to go with sufficient force for the intended result. This involves training internal sensitivity so that you can feel the inside of the other person’s body including the internal tensions and pathway(s) that are inside of their body. It also involves training your mind so that you can direct a strike and have the force from it travel over distance. The quality of the strike(s) and ability to direct the strike(s) are very important.

Higher level Fa Jing and most of the energy type palms such as Vibrating Palm, Poison Hand, Cotton Palm and Heaven and Earth Palm are this kind of strike. In Cotton Palm you develop the Tai Chi “Steel wrapped in Cotton” principle so that when you strike them it feels like you are hitting them with a steel crowbar that is wrapped in a rolled sheet of cotton. Imagine being hit anywhere with a crowbar such as this. The strike would penetrate all of the way to the bone and could quite easily break the bone. If the force is directed it can damage whatever it makes contact with.

Most of the strikes in Clear One touch Knockouts are Internal Dim Mak strikes. Some of them are the directed force and Fa Jing type and others are of the Vibrating Palm, Poison Hand, Cotton Palm and Heaven and Earth Palm variety. Training mind intent and transmitting force is an important part of the training and so is the Chi Kung and development of internal sensitivity. Because we also focus on the healing aspects of the art the internal sensitivity and Chi Kung is emphasized. I personally find that at the high levels of the art the practice for healing and for developing the personal strength and ability is the same thing.

Please remember that the most important battle most people will face in modern society is the one for their health. Dostoyevsky err Spiderman once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. The nice thing about training the real internal arts is that you gain self defense ability while working on your health and longevity at the same time.

Best Regards.
Sigung Clear


  1. Dan Eidson says

    Great article, thanks. So at an even high level of skill

    can you send the energy to a accupoint one or two feet away

    and still get the same effect?

  2. Sigung Clear says

    At a high level you can affect the person from a distance. It does not need to be on an accupoint and the effect will be different not the same as when you physically do it.
    Best Regards.

  3. It just so happens that a small example of this happened last Wednesday while we were filming the 15th dvd in the intermediate series.

  4. After talking with you on the phone today Sifu and observing the video again I surmise this dim mak contact affected receivers esoteric shell first. One or all of the energy layers that surrounds the receivers body was disrupted. This touch also cause an internal “seal the air” shutdown when it entered the throat?
    If so, was the vagus nerve involved as well?

  5. of course it is a higher stage inner energy strike and it is well teached in india. Here yogi and siddhas are done this thousands of year ago. India is a birth place of all type of meditations and vital point attacks. especialy Tamilnadu.

  6. lilysong says

    internal dim mak is the real dim mak, no matter with fa jin, it must do the dim mak on the meridian points, and pour chi to the points, block the chi and blood channel.
    american pressure point, just a surface of dim mak, it just press acupuncture points, that is just a child of dim mak. the good dim mak is that you can transfer your chi to your enemy’s body, to block his blood and chi channel.

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