Tai Chi Pressure Point Strikes

There are many different kinds of Tai Chi Pressure Point Strikes. All of the moves in Tai Chi are designed to be applied against pressure points as well as to be vital strikes or bone breaks. Most of the moves are designed to be equally effective applied as strikes or as grappling, anti-grappling and counter strike moves.

Tai Chi Pressure Point Strikes include various methods for striking, seizing, rubbing, pressing and sealing the points.

Specific Tai Chi Pressure Point Strikes are used to displace bones, cause muscles and tendons to seize up, seal pressure point meridians causing blockages and reversal of Chi flow, seal veins and arteries and to seal the air.

How Tai Chi Puts Pressure Point Strikes to Use in Combat

Tai Chi moves are used to counter strike an incoming attack. While the attacker is forced to respond to the strike received, the Tai Chi practitioner can follow up with more Tai Chi Pressure Point Strikes that incapacitate the attacker. The same is true if the Tai Chi practitioner is grabbed.

Most of the Tai Chi moves have Pressure Point Strikes and applications that make it so that the attacker can not hold on and the attacker is affected in an extreme enough way that they cannot easily grab hold or strike again.

The pain is usually enough that even if they could grab again the attacker will usually choose not to do so.

Pressure Point Strikes in the Tai Chi Set

One type of Tai Chi Pressure Point Strikes technique that is easy to write about is Open Hand finger strikes. Look at the amount of Open Hand finger movements / strikes found in most Tai Chi. Pick one or more of them and think of them in terms of the height and direction they are traveling in and then imagine an eye, throat or groin technique that is appropriate to that direction and height.

So, the attacker grabs you and you use one of these strikes on them. How much pain would be imparted? Just the number of whip hand strikes to the groin alone is quite impressive.

Almost every time the hand drops to your side and continues moving to another move it is a whip hand strike to the groin.

Think about this and other applications and post your favorite move of this type here on our blog.

We are teaching a multitude of Tai Chi Pressure Point Strikes in every section of our Clear Combat Tai Chi Workshops and DVD’s. Please contact us to attend a workshop or find out more.


  1. Sigung


    Yes, I agree with you on the pressure point connection. From my humble training I have seen this conection with all the arts I have been blessed to have seen and trained in. In Okinawan systems it is called Kyusho Jitsu. Since Okinawan Karate (Tote – Chinese Hand) was influeneced and birthed from Chinese systems, makes sense to see these similar conections.

    Bill Conley

  2. Any work shops close to central Il.?

  3. I like to personally see this guy one on one me and him. Not to be in a fight. But to see this in action

    • Matt Holker says

      Hello Jacob,

      I understand exactly what you mean. I had much the same thought in May of 2015, when I decided to come out to one of the live workshops. By August of 2015 I had moved here, 1000 miles away from home, in order to train with Sigung Clear full time. I definitely encourage you to come out to one of our live events. I am certain you will happy you did.

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