Internal Iron Package

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Internal Iron Package – $495
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The Internal Iron Package Includes the following DVDs:

1) Internal Iron Body in 100 Days (2 Disc Set) – $179

This 2 disc DVD contains the Internal Golden Bell training methods of Tai Chi.

It will protect your body and internal organs from head to toe and is created by healthy & safe practices.

2) The Root Of Internal Power (2 Disc Set) – $189

(Formerly titled Internal Power) Sigung Clear has expertly designed this series of drills and exercises so that you & a training partner can learn and develop high level internal skill from home.

3) Chi Energy DVD – $65

Learn real high level, beginner to advanced practices regarding Chi Energy activation, cultivation and flow. These practices will allow you to personally experience, build and work with Chi energy. Practices, concepts and principles are explained in depth so that the average person can fully utilize and understand the knowledge imparted.

4) Standing Dynamics (Combat Tai Chi Vol 1A) – $197

The training on this dvd will enhance your Internal Iron Body training and teach you how to combine this quality with the street apps for devastating results.
Also Inc

  • Quick & Effective Street Applications
  • Steel Wrapped in Cotton
  • Fa Jing using Breath & Structure
  • How to target specific areas Inside the body with internal Fa Jing (Advanced Dim Mak)
    And Much More…
  • 5) Dynamics of Movement (Combat Tai Chi Vol 1B) – $197

    Training continues to enhance your Internal Iron Body while teaching you to evade and slip attacks.

    Training includes:

    • They Attack First. I Strike First, and How to apply this principle in the street.
    • Leading into Emptiness
    • Multiple Attacker Drills
    • Lu Rollback
    • More Quick & Effective Street Applications
    • More ways to combine Steel Wrapped in Cotton
    • Fa Jing
    • And Much More…

    6) Intro to Clear’s Silat 1 Hit (touch) Knockouts – $45

    This video introduces Sigung Clear’s Internal Power Transfer Methods & Nerve Paralysis Techniques. These are some of the basic building blocks for 1 Hit & 1 Touch Knockouts.

    7) Intro to Combat Tai Chi – $25

    Sigung Clear demonstrates why Tai Chi is one of the most deadly combat arts.

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    • Total Cost (Free Shipping) = $495

    Internal Iron Package – $495
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    9 DVDs (NTSC DVD-R)