Regional Organizers

Regional Organizers


Harry Legg

(973) 559-3132

East TN

Matt Holker

(612) 810-5220


Greg Knollmeyer

(734) 678-9508


Ty Talbert

(951) 465-5125

Central Florida

Daniel Stringer

(321) 696-5449

Boca Raton, Florida

Jim Kelly

(561) 419-5403

Washington, DC

Art Donn

(240) 593-0830


Chris Walsh

(207) 248-6058


Philip Chan

(706) 563-3539

Costa Rica

Sheila Bell


    Benefits of Regional Organizer Status

  • Official recognition as a Clear Tai Chi regional representative
  • National Recognition on our websites
  • Promotion on our websites
  • Promotion privileges on our Facebook pages
  • Exclusive Access to Workshops for Regional Organizers ONLY
  • Discounts on our videos and programs
  • Profit-sharing affiliate program
  • Phone Consultation with Sigung Clear, at least 2 hrs per month
  • Business advice for growing your school & income
  • Advice for promoting local events
  • Direct access to Sigung Clear for training and questions
  • Personal time and instruction for you during workshops



  • At least 3 Instructor Certifications from Clear Martial Arts
  • Attend at least 2 of Sigung Clear’s Workshops per year
  • Host at least 1 of Sigung Clear’s Workshops per year
  • Must be an active teacher in your area
  • Hosting/Attending Push Hands, Sticky Hands, or Rolling Hands meetups at least twice per month

If you meet these requirements, and would like to get involved, we prefer you contact us Live on-location at any of our events.