Introduction to Combat Tai Chi

Combat Tai Chi

Intro to Combat Tai Chi – $25
Run Time: 83min | Format: DVD-R

Sigung Clear demonstrates why Tai Chi is one of the most deadly combat arts.

Topics include:

  • Dim Mak
  • Bone Breaking
  • Explosive Speed & Power
  • various Tai Chi Jing demos
    • Large, Medium & Small Frame Tai Chi
    • Fa Jing (Explosive Energy)
    • Rooting, Water Methods
    • Jian Si Jing (Silk Reeling)
    • Ting Jing (Listening)
    • Tai Chi while sitting in a chair
    • Tai Chi while standing in place
    • Tai Chi sword and wind & fire wheels
    • other methods
  • Minimal Force applications
  • and much more…

This video includes an instructional section on Wu Chi and the Basic Energy Ball. Wu Chi is the beginning essential foundation of proper tai chi internal training. You will learn basic internal body mechanics as well as how to feel, circulate and build chi.

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