Clear Xing Yi Chuan

Internal Iron Palm, Iron Body, & Dim Mak


Learn to fight with Xing Yi

Sigung Clear strips away the fluff & filler to teach you how Xing Yi really fights and why it is so powerful. This course includes various types of Iron Palm and internal power transfer techniques that make Xing Yi known for its devastating power. Then, he teaches you how Xing Yi approaches Iron Body to deal with others who display the same startling force.


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Build Internal Power

You will learn various internal energy palms for more striking power. This program teaches:

  • Heavy Hand
  • Xing Yi internal iron palm
  • Multiple Poison Hand applications
  • Short/no distance fa-jin striking
  • Universal energy palm
  • Springy palm
  • Crushing/condensing palm
  • and how to train for Dim Mak striking

You will also learn Iron Body skills for neutralizing an opponent’s strikes and internal power, including the skills listed above!


Disc 1

The Five Elements

70 minutes

Disc 2

Condensing & Fortifying

126 minutes

Disc 3

Yi & Heavy Hands/Iron Palm

136 minutes

Disc 4

Poison Hand & Dim Mak

102 minutes

Disc 5

Iron Body & Negating Strikes

102 minutes