Combat Tai Chi Videos

Combat Tai Chi Videos: Actually Fighting With Tai Chi

Sigung Richard Clear Combat Tai Chi Program Will Teach You To Fight With Tai Chi Quickly & Effectively

A Combination And Balance Of Giving You Detailed, In-Depth Knowledge & Teaching Plus Practical Applications For A ‘No Rules’ Street Fight Will Have
A Good Student Advancing Quickly.

Beginning From A Foundation Of Structure, Body Alignment And Mechanics While In Motion Then Quickly Leading Into Advanced Internal Aspects Like
‘Internal Iron Body’ ‘Steel Wrapped In Cotton’ ‘Fa Jing’ & ‘Dim Mak’ Hits

His Approach Is ‘Learn & Do.’

You Learn Something, Then You Get To Work On It Right Away. But Unlike Other Disciplines Where You Spend Years In The ‘Class Room,’ As Soon
As You Have As Little As 1 Or 2 Moves With Decent Structure And Body Mechanics He Goes Right Into Showing You Realistic And Useful
Fighting Applications.

Sigung Richard Clear Does Teach You The Traditional Applications But
He Expands Upon Them To Show You How Very Versatile And Brutal They
Are; Eyes, Throat, Groin Strikes Or Even Ripping An Ear Off And Hoping
That The Inner Ear Is Ripped Out Along With It.

Why? When Tai Chi Fights Tai Chi Looks To End The Fight As Quickly And Efficiently And Easily As Possible.

Yes, This Can Include A Quick Death For The Attacker.

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Why Is Clear Combat Tai Chi Video Program Quick & Effective & Practical?

With The Way The World Is Today, The Way Our Society Is Today, Sigung Richard Clear Takes The Attitude Of ‘Street Survival,’
Not Looking Really Good Doing A Form Because If You’re Caught
In The Chaos And Insanity Of A ‘Real Street Attack’ Just Knowing
The Moves To A Form Won’t Do You Any Good.

You’ll End Up Lying Bleeding And Unconscious On The Sidewalk Because Your Tai Chi Is ‘Empty.’

The Internal Aspects Of Tai Chi Are Crucial To Give A
Student Of Tai Chi Those Seemingly ‘Magical’ Powers.

This ‘Street Survival’ Attitude Is One Of The Reasons He Has His Students Dive Into A Wide Variety Of Applications And Also Playing Out Scenarios In Different Settings; For Example Moving With Plenty Of Room Versus A Situation In A Small Kitchen With Furniture Taking Up Most Of The Available Space.

Tai Chi Is Always Ready For A Violent Encounter And Even A
Surprise Street Attack.

Can I Really Learn True Tai Chi, Combat Tai Chi From Sigung Richard Clear?

You Will See In Certain Videos On This Page That His Students
Have Developed Some Of The Internal Aspects So That They Can
Already Use Them. Some Of You May Be Aware Of The Phrase;
“Is The Master Seen In His Students?”

The Videos Will Give You The Answer To This Question.

As You Progress Through Sigung Richard Clear Combat Tia Chi Program You Will Advance To In-depth Instruction On The ‘internal Secrets’ With Specific Methods For You To Work On To Develop Them: Being Rooted, Heavy, Relaxed And Soft Plus You Begin
To Develop Your Forearms Into Those ‘Crowbars’ Using The
Safe And Healthy Tai Chi ‘Internal Iron Body.’

You Then Progress To ‘Steel Wrapped In Cotton’ And Now Those ‘Crowbars’ Are More Devastating Than Ever And You Can Move Them Quickly And Easily Creating A Powerful Penetrating Hit Anywhere You Contact The Opponents Body!

Note! Don’t Ignore The ‘Humble’ Beginnings Of Structure And Root And Also Working With, Playing With; Building Chi Energy With
What Appear To Be Simple Exercises. These Are The Foundation
For Higher Level Aspects Of A True Internal Art.

Once The Foundation Is Laid You Move Onto Really Working With ‘Energetic Hits’
Such As Various Fa Jings And Several Different Types Of Dim Mak Hits.

The Tia Chi Method For ‘Internal Iron Body’

‘Internal Iron Body’ Based On The Tai Chi Method Is Extremely Safe And Healthy
And Sufficiently Developed Will Give You Great Power In All Of Your Movements.

You’ll Not Only Be Able To Take Severe, Punishing Blows But It Will Also Give Your Strikes The Same Destructive Power
One Would Expect If They Were Actually Getting Hit With An Iron Bar: Crushing: With A Deadly, Penetrating Impact.

With This Quality Running Through Your Entire Body You Are Like A Heavy, Life-sized Steel Statue
While You Are Moving And Even Slight Contact With An Attacker Can Turn Into A Devastating Hit.

The Reason This Is Always Referred To As ‘Internal’ Is There Are Several ‘External’ Methods Out There. Some Of These Work Well When You Are Younger Increasing The Strength Of The Connective Tissue And All Of The Fascia Of The Human Body. This, However, Creates An ‘Iron Shirt’ Which Is Great To Have But It Has Its Limits.

Other Methods Of An ‘External’ Type Normally Require You To
Punish Your Body, Beat On It So That It Will Come Back Stronger.

There Are A Serious Drawbacks To These ‘External Beating’
Types Mainly That You Will Damage Your Body As The Years Pass.

You’ll Sustain Nerve Damage On Your Arms And Legs And Taking Repeated Blows To The Body Will Send Shock And Damaging Energy Into Your Internal Organs Which Can Cause Serious Health Issues As You Advance Into Middle Age And Then Into Old Age.

The Tai Chi ‘Internal Iron Body’ Actually Makes You Healthier
In Many Ways And You Can Do It Well Into The Last Years Of Your Life Always Keeping It And In Most cases Always Making It Stronger.

The Best Thing About Tai Chi’s ‘Internal Iron Body’ Method Is Once You Get It Down You Can Do It As You’re Doing Your Tai Chi Form And DO IT ALL DAY LONG As You Go About Your Daily Routine.

This Is Why True Tai Chi Masters Get To Be As Powerful As They Are; They Are Doing Many Of Tai Chi’s
Internal Aspects Within Every Single Movement Throughout Their Day And Even While Sitting Or Lying Down.

The Tia Chi Method For Developing ‘Internal Iron Body’ Is Very Safe And Healthy; Basically No More Dangerous Than Most Tai Chi Practices

The Bottom Line: The Quality Of The Tai Chi ‘Internal Iron Body’ Is Unlike Any Other And Will Lead You To
‘Steel Wrapped In Cotton’ And Also To Tai Chi’s ‘Golden Bell’ Which Has A Special Protection For All Of Your Body.

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Some Of The Combat Tai Chi Skills You Will Learn Include:

Many Quick & Easy Street Applications: Starting Points
     As You Work Towards “Free Form’ Fighting With Tai Chi

Rooting, Floating, Heaven Connection & The ‘3 Powers’
Tai Chi Entries And Trapping
The Different Ways Of Tai Chi ‘Throwing’
Internal Iron Body & Internal Iron Palm
Steel Wrapped In Cotton
Fa Jing (Several Different Types)
Dim Mak, Advanced Dim Mak As Well As Poison Hand
Feeling Inside Your Opponents Body & Mind
Hiding Your Center & Your Mind
Tai Chi Whip Hands & Quick Strikes
‘Leading into Emptiness’
Bone Breaking And Joint Tearing Applications
     All Within The Natrual Flow Of Tai Chi Movement

Developing Your ‘Awareness’ Tai Chi Is A ‘Sensing’ Art
Being Calm & ‘Quiet’ In The Midst Of Chaos & Insanity
Flowing From Any Part Of Any Move To Another

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Working through the Clear Combat Tai Chi DVD Program You’ll Learn How To Combine And
Apply All These Skills And Techniques In A Variety Of ‘Street Real’ Self Defense Situations!


Combat Tai Chi, Actually Fighting With Tai Chi Is Very ‘Free Form’

While Tai Chi Is A Very Deadly Internal Combat Art Tai Chi Does Not Look To Fight. A Tai Chi Practitioner Merely Wants To Go Peacefully About Their Day With A Humble Attitude. The Tai Chi Attitude Is One Of “I’ll Only Fight If I Absolutely Have To.”

Tai Chi Does Not Pursue An Attacker, BUT! If An Individual Is Right In Front Of You And Is Clearly A Dangerous And Deadly Threat To Your Person And Your Life Tai Chi Has Many Moves And Transitions That Are Designed To Strike First & To Do So Very Effectively.

The Eyes, Throat, And Groin (See Next Video) Are Favorite Targets And Can Be Of A ‘Surgical Strike’ Nature But Tai Chi Takes Into Account That Your Attacker Is Not Only Moving But Well Into The Process Of Trying To Beat Your Brains Out.

If A Student Of Tai Chi Has Been Working Their Internal Iron Body and Their Internal Power Transfer Then Even If They Miss The Exact, Sweet Target They Were Looking For Anywhere They Hit Their Attacker Is Going To Be A Powerful, Punishing. Penetrating Hit.

Always Soft And Flowing With Structure, Internal Power And A Calm, Quiet Mind

Tai Chi Also Accounts For Missing A Hit Or The Attacker Slips A Quick Hold. Tai Chi Does This With A Constant Flow Of Movement Complete With Internal Iron Body And Power Transfer And Never Reaches Or Over Commits.

Tia Chi Just Keeps Moving And More Opportunities Are Instantly Presented To You.

You’ll See A Good Example In The “Cloud Hands’ Video Below That A Miss Or A Slip Is Not A Problem At All. You Just Keep Going And If The Situation Requires You Just Move Seamlessly From Any One Move To Any Other Move And At A Higher Level You Flow From Any Part Of Any Move To Any Part Of Another Move.

Tai Chi Requires The Mind To Train The Body.

Without Your Mind Intent, Without A Focused Concentration When Training On Developing One At A Time Specific Internal Aspects Along With Structural Alignment And Integrity That Are A Part Of
All That Is Tai Chi…

You’re Just Somebody Moving Their Arms And Legs.

This Truth Is Often Stated As ‘Your Tai Chi Is Empty.’

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That Also Includes Training Methods For You To Begin Developing ‘Steel Wrapped In Cotton’ As Well


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