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  1. Jason Nordin says

    I have a bit of an issue finding a good exercise application to manage my anxiety, among other things.
    First issue is, I’m not the type who gets a big buzz from physical activity in the first place, so it’s just deliberate torture most of the time.
    Second, It has to have a meditative aspect attached to it to be effective for managing my anxiety. Also because it will keep my attention longer.
    Third, it can’t be exercise for exercise’s sake. I’ve tried that so many times. Thus, martial arts (as opposed to martial ‘sports’ like most Tai Kwon Do) have always drawn my interest.
    And fourth… I’m pretty strapped for cash, to be honest. So that limits my options. And it’s really gotta be in one package; in an ideal world, I’d be taking yoga, tai chi, kung fu, etc. but that’s not really feasible or realistic.

    I think that Tai Chi Chuan might just fit the bill; but it’s like your site and one other that even mention Tai Chi for actual combat, not just for geriatrics. And finding a local class (ideal) for Tai Chi has been a monster in and of itself.
    Any thoughts?
    I’m not just being nitpicky here. I’m finding this is pretty darn crucial to my being able to function.


    • Matt Holker says

      We offer a wealth of Tai Chi material in our distance learning program. I recommend looking at our Basic Skills (Level 1) package to start. It is available in DVD format from the Store on this site. It is also on our member site at The member site gives you immediate access to our Level 1 and 2 curriculum and a few other bonus features.

  2. edward cody says

    im 63 yrs old can i still learn too

  3. Seen a little Combet Tai Chi in Phiily 15 years ago; I flew 2 flew two feet in the air from a push. I would love to practice this again. We’re are you guys located?

  4. Anthony Person says

    Im very fascinated with richard Clear Tai Chi and i would love to go to a school that teaches instructor richard Clear Tai Chi in one of these three boroughs: manhattan,bronx
    or brooklyn. I would appreciate it greatly if one of the staff members of mr. Clear’s combat tai chi institute get back to me so i can start taking combat tai chi classes.

  5. Anthony Person says

    I want to start taking master Richard clear’s combat tai chi classes because im really fascinated with combat tai chi. Can someone give me the location of this tai chi master’s school

  6. Chandamouli says

    Sir, I am From India and Interested in Purchasing Internal Iron Body in 100 Days. But in Checkout form India is Not found.
    Can You Help me Sir.

    • Matt Holker says

      Hello sir. Thank you for your interest in our material. Unfortunately due to issues with postal and customs regulations in India, we are not able to ship our DVDs there. However, we do offer Clear Tai Chi Online, which is a member website that includes the Internal Iron Body in 100 days as well as our Internal Iron Palm in 100 days, along with all of our Tai Chi Level 1 curriculum and everything from Level 2 that we have filmed so far, with new material being added every day. It is ideal for folks like you, and you can try it out for just $5.

      You can find out more here:

  7. Frank Broadhead says

    Sam Edwards is not able to contact Richard directly, but as a father himself, Sam wanted to send is most heart felt condolences and sympathy to Richard and Muriel after their son’s accident.

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