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The Practical Guide to Internal Power

Tai Chi is the study of body and mind. Training is about learning to use them as effectively as possible.
In this course we will introduce you to the fundamentals of Tai Chi and the fastest most effective way to train them.



1 – The Practical Guide to Internal Power

Internal Power is about using your body in ways that are smart. Really smart.It’s the study of advanced body mechanics & their practical application. It’s about knowing your opponent’s body and mind better than he does.

Internal Power turns paper tigers into the real thing and Internal Skill lets little old Tai Chi masters toss bigger stronger opponents across the room.

  • Instant access to the entire course
  • 6 months of step by step lessons
  • Members-only area with Q&A
  • Learn methods and exercises for building Internal Power and Skill
  • Get tools to help you analyze, troubleshoot and self correct
  • Learn how to build a powerful internal engine to power whatever art you practice

And IF you are willing to do the work:

  • Your movement will become more powerful.
  • Your hits will be harder and penetrate deeper.
  • Your throws will be stronger (and countering throws will be easier.)
  • There are lot of health benefits that come from this practice.
  • and much more…

We’ll work on things like: Listening skill, Rooting, ‘Sinking the Qi,’ Neutralization skills and you’ll be introduced to skills like Internal Iron Body, The 3 Powers, Steel wrapped in Cotton, Fajing, Dimmak & Whole Body Breathing.

2 – One Touch KO’s of Tai Chi

This 50 min seminar on the devastating power of Combat Tai Chi includes:

  • 1 Touch Knockoutstm
  • Tai Chi Footwork
  • Responding to grabs
  • Iron Body
  • Jings [Wave Movement, Heavy, Spiral (Chan Si Jing) Fa Jing]

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3 – Internal Combat Arts Newsletter

  • A daily discussion of Kuntao Silat, Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Bagua, Qigong, Self Defense & Healing
  • Tips, techniques and strategies on internal martial arts training and reaching higher levels of skill
  • Stay up to date on our latest workshops and programs
  • Read bymartial artists every day.

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