Sigung Richard Clear

Clear Silat National Headquarters
113 E Broadway Ave, Maryville TN

Regional Organizers

Regional Organizers teach the full Clear Tai Chi™ curriculum.
This includes certification programs in Clear Tai Chi™ and Clear Internal Push Hands™

East TN (Knoxville)
Matt Holker
(865) 379-9997
NYC & NJ (Verona)
Harry Legg
(973) 559-3132
New York (Chappaqua)
Phillip J. Coyle
(914) 433-7135
Texas (San Antonio)
Ty Talbert
(210) 935-1649
Florida (Boca Raton)
Jim Kelly
(561) 419-5403
Washington, DC
Art Donn
(240) 593-0830
Michigan (Lake Odessa)
Mark Michaud
(616) 902-6460
Maine (Hallowell)
Chris Walsh
(207) 248-6058
Arizona (Phoenix)
Daniel Hill
Rob Solmyr lbv
Costa Rica (Tamarindo)
James Kanter
Costa Rica (Playas del Coco / Liberia)
Sheila Bell

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Certified Clear Tai Chi™ Member Schools

Certified member schools teach one or more of the Clear Tai Chi™ curriculums

Maryville, TN
Clear Tai Chi National HQ
(865) 379-9997
Maryville, TN
(865) 335-0816
Verona, NJ
(973) 559-3132
San Antonio, TX
Warrior Tai Chi
(210) 935-1649
Boca Raton, FL
West Boca Tai Chi
(561) 419-5403
Washington, DC
Tai Chi in MD
(240) 593-0830
Maine Tai Chi
(207) 248-6058
(616) 902-6460
Phoenix Internal Arts
Costa Rica
Balance Ideal Tai Chi

Other Instructors

The following instructors are not Certified Clear Tai Chi™ Member Schools

These instructors have completed training in one or more Clear Tai Chi™ programs (see listings)

They may or may not be teaching dedicated Clear Tai Chi™ classes

Prior to attending, you need to verify if they are teaching Clear Tai Chi™ curriculum that meets or exceeds Clear Tai Chi™ certification testing standards.

Clear Tai Chi™ does not bear any responsibility for the content or quality of the instruction from these non-affiliated schools and instructors.

★ Certified Member School Locations are included in this section.


Other Locations