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There are many many different types of Push Hands. There are also many different reasons for practicing push hands. Depending on your studies, goals and desires as well as the attributes you wish to develop you may desire one type of Push hands over another. Clear Tai Chi curriculum includes a number of different types of Push Hands. The push hands that we specialize in and practice the most is designed to rapidly build high level internal ability and skill. This version of Push Hands was originally taught to me in China by Ma Yeuh Liang the famous Wu Tai Chi Master who was one of China’s 100 Living National Treasure’s. Master Ma called this type of Push Hands NO STYLE.

Clear Internal Push Hands is a very close contact version whereby the 2 participants each stand in a very high and relaxed horse stance type position facing each other about a foot apart (between 8 – 14 inches normally and definitely less than 2 feet) and put their hands on the other person’s body with the hands being placed anywhere below the neck (not on the neck) and above the waistline including on the waist but above the hips.

Beginner’s should place their hands into the easiest position to really easily shove their partner if this is desired. Under the armpits or on the waist or one hand below an armpit and one on the waist are good starting positions.

The way to play this push hands is that both people drop their weight (root) as deep into the ground as they can and use their contact with their hands to find the other person’s root as best as they can. When you find the other person’s root then simply easily and slowly push the bottom of the root and see if you can get the person to move without any extra physical effort on your part. Your partner is doing the same to you. Both of you are dropping and hiding your root as best as you can while trying to feel inside and find your partner. Moving them without any more than ounces of physical effort is the evidence as to how successful or not your efforts are.

When you play this push hands with a more experienced player you tend to feel helpless. Once you have develop this push hands and play with someone near to your own level it feels like an internal chess match.

Push Hands Sensitivity – This post is highly recommended for anyone interested in higher level push hands.



Other Examples of Push Hands

Video of Ma Yu Liang pushing hands.

Liu Ji Fa – Lineage holder & a senior student for Ma Yu Liang


  1. Gerrit Bernard ten Berk de Boer says

    i am deaply impressed. I would love to find a way back to a better body-condition.
    I am a lot in my brain, hard to get rid of old emotions, by knowing so much spirituel and interlectuel stuff.
    So would love to come along…and do a Kind of a power Course.
    Leaving everything behind for a few weeks and getting complete and healthy.
    Is that possible???
    Best Regards from munich, Germany

    • Matt Holker says

      Hello Gerrit,

      I’m glad you are enjoying the material. We regularly have intensive workshops on a variety of subjects. I’d suggest you keep an eye on our Events page for one that suits you.

      Our workshops pack a lot of learning into just a few days, but solid physical conditioning needs to be built and maintained over time. To get you started down that path, I’d recommend you check out our DVD “Power Striking: 7 Insane ways to Triple your Striking Power in 30 days.” This has a wealth of material that will take your physical conditioning to the next level, and the benefits go far beyond striking. Take a look here: https://www.clearsilat.com/power-striking

  2. Lucas Vinicius says

    I have practiced the 7 star praying mantis Kung Fu when I was a teenager but the teachers focused only on the movements and the form. They paid no attention to the mind and the energy and did not teach us how to identify our Yin and Yang…
    Through meditation I have felt my whole body tinkle and I have been able to open my crown chakra but I can feel my root unbalanced… I suffer from anxiety and depression but I have improved my mind state a lot and I feel that the lessons and information shared by you guys do really help to balance my energy, and for that, I thank you guys !

    • Matt Holker says

      You are very welcome, Lucas! I am always happy to hear that the material is helping our students make real progress.

  3. Dragon Stone says

    I Like this guy! Very goooood demostrations. Thank you!

  4. Daniel Stringer says

    I have been studying martial arts for well over a decade starting with traditional shoalin five animal gung fu; chuan fa (Chinese kempo), Kali stick fighting, wing stun, Tibetan lama ( er chuan doa), Ninjitau ground fighting, aikido and of course the three internal sister arts of Tai Chi, Xing ye and Bagwa.
    About three years ago I saw a video by Sigung Richard Clear and was very impressed. I started purchasing his DVDs for internal development and started training the material daily. After two years and seeing much growth in skill I had to go to Tennessee. I paid for a private session with Sigung and also had the opportunity to attend the systema class. Firstly I have to say that all the students were kind and welcoming. Both the class and time with Sigung was incredible. So rarely do things match our expectations but the skill and understanding of Sigung greatly surpassed my hopes. I came home with excitement and even more motivation to train diligently. Only a few months passed and I returned for the Fa Gung healing work shop and my mind was once again blown away with the abilities demonstrated. Since returning I have found continuous growth as I work the material Sigung Clear taught.
    For anyone who is yearning to discover all that Tai Chi has to offer and to be captivated with the amazing potential we as human beings posses, please don’t miss the opportunity that Sigung is offering. This is the real deal and genuine article.
    -you cannot do what you do not know and you cannot know what you do not do-

    • Matt Holker says

      Hello Daniel!

      Thank you for your kind words about Sigung Clear and our students. It was great meeting you, and I hope we’ll get to see you again soon!

  5. Nice to see the Ma Yue Liang video, proper skill, my late teacher used to do push hands with him in the park in Shanghai in the 50’s

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