Certified Member School Requirements

MSO Requirement List -In Depth


The Certified Clear Tai ChiTM Member School role is to represent, promote, and teach Clear Tai ChiTM at their school within their geographical region.


As such, Member School Owners (MSOs) agree to operate in the geographic area around them (not more than 90 miles from their listed school address). Any students of a MSO, and any teachers operating under that MSO, must have regular access to the MSO for in-person training.


Any students outside of an MSO’s area should be referred to the appropriate MSO if one exists near that student. If no MSO currently exists for a student, then the student should be referred to the Clear Tai ChiTM National Coordinators for further development in our long-distance programs.

-Regional Organizers must KNOW all material in the Regional Organizer Course/Module  https://vimeo.com/manage/showcases/6059937/info

MSO must Meet all Requirements 

Here & on the Certified Clear Tai Chi Member School Requirement List on  

the Clear Tai Chi Teachers Page

The Clear Tai Chi Member School Requirement List


  • At least 1 Instructor Certification in Clear Tai Chi™ Tai Chi or Push Hands


  • Attend at least 2 of Sigung Clear’s Workshops per year (in their entirety)

    (Must attend the entire Workshop from Beginning to End) 


  • Must offer Clear Tai Chi™ Tai Chi or Internal Push Hands Classes in your local area


  • Hosting/Attending Push Hands, Sticky Hands, or Rolling Hands meetups at least once per month


-MSO must teach at least 1 Clear Tai ChiTai Chi or Internal 

 Push Hands Class. (The Internal Push Hands can be mixed with the Beginner & Intermediate Classes as long as there is a designated Push Hands practice time.)   

-MSO must teach Clear Tai ChiClasses without adding to or subtracting from any of the required material for (any of the following): 

-The Clear Tai ChiTM 8 Move Form

-The Clear Tai ChiTM 13 Move Form

-The Clear Tai ChiTM 48 Move Form

 (Other Tai Chi Forms Can NOT be taught as part of Clear Tai ChiTM

-The Clear Tai ChiTM Level 1 Program (Basic Skills)

-Clear Tai Chi Internal Push HandsTM 

  (Taught in order of Skills per the Clear Internal Push HandsTM tests) 

-Clear Tai ChiTM Intermediate & Advanced Level Classes (when appropriate)

-The Clear Tai ChiFighting Methods (For advanced students only)

-Adding or subtracting anything from the curriculum is grounds for immediate termination from being a Regional Organizer or / & Certified Member School.

MSO School Shirts & Uniforms:

-If you have uniforms, shirts or clothing for Tai Chi classes then, the  

 Clear Tai ChiTM style Logo must be on all your Shirts, uniforms, clothing, etc

-Typically the Hand & Lightning Bolt Logo goes on the Right Sleeve  

MSO Must Have a WEBSITE for the MSOs School &:

-MSO must have a Website for the MSOs School as a Clear Tai ChiTM teacher with: 

-Clear Tai ChiTM Button / Image that links to the MSO List on ClearTaiChi.com

-A Listing on the front page of MSO website that clearly shows MSO is a 

 Certified Clear Tai ChiTM member school.   


MSO must have a FaceBook Page for MSOs School &:

-Clear Tai Chicredentials (including MSO status) must be featured  

  prominently including in the About section of your FaceBook Page.

-MSO must post/share copies of Clear Tai ChiTM FB Memes/articles onto  

 MSO FB page at least 2X per week (preferably more). 

-Instructions on How to set this up included in DRIVE Folder that you have 

 access to or that you can get directly from Clear Tai ChiTECH SUPPORT.

-Ideally you will post your own article or post that you have written (not 

 shared from somewhere else) at least once per week and promote your 

 classes etc on an ongoing basis on your school FaceBook page.




-The Clear Tai ChiTM Style has a codified set of Skill Requirements.

-When teaching Clear Tai Chi™,

          Do NOT add or subtract anything from those Requirements.

-Exceptions are a rare occurrence and most Exception Requests will be denied.

-Any & All Exception Requests to add or subtract from the curriculum must be made in writing.

-Exception Requests may ONLY be submitted for 1 item at a time.  

-Exceptions are only valid IF permission is granted in writing by Sigung Clear.

-There are NO VERBAL approvals of Exception Requests. 

-Deviations from the Clear Tai Chi™ Curriculum being taught without official written approval by Sigung Clear are grounds for immediate removal as a Certified Clear Tai ChiTM Member School and also removal from the entire Clear Tai Chi program.

MSO agrees they will not share/divulge Clear Tai Chi Marketing Information

-One of the benefits to the MSO of this agreement with Clear Tai Chiis the 

  sharing and personal teaching of Sales Marketing information to the MSO.

-The MSO agreement includes a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement.  

  Sharing Clear Tai Chi Sales Marketing info with others violates terms of  

  the agreement and will trigger a civil suit per the terms of the agreement.      


Teaching & Sharing Clear Tai Chi™ with Non-Clear Tai Chi Students 

-Non-Clear Tai Chi Students are not to be taught anything past Level 1 of 

 the Clear Tai Chi Curriculum by anyone except Sigung Clear.  

 This includes but is not limited to any: 

-Body Skills & Methods

-Internal Skills

-Push Hands

-Healing Methods

-Mind Training    

-Spirit Training



-Non Clear Tai Chi students will have to pay full price to get more 

 advanced skills from Sigung Clear and they may be denied the right to 

 study from Clear Tai ChiTM or any of its affiliates or Instructors at any 


Teaching & Sharing with Clear Tai Chi Regional Organizers 

-Teach & Share with other Clear Tai ChiTM Instructors (as appropriate for 

  their current level of skill) to help you and them grow.


-Our learning environment among ourselves is not a competition.


-Hiding skills or/& info from your fellow Clear Tai Chi MSO teachers & 

 Regional Organizers.  Any attempt to turn the friendly sharing and learning  

 environment among Clear Tai ChiInstructors into a competition or a  

 culture of secrecy will be taken as an inappropriate and aggressive act that  

 is a violation of this part of the agreement that the MSO has made in order 

 to be a MSO and constitutes grounds for immediate removal from being a  

 Certified Clear Tai ChiTM Member School.      


MSO agrees Clear Tai Chi™ can market workshops to the MSO’s students  

-This includes by email, social media, phone or other forms of communication. 


-The students at Clear Tai Chi™ Member Schools study Clear Tai Chi


-Of course, MSO and Certified instructors are encouraged and expected to 

 help market workshops on social media including FaceBook and by word of 

 mouth including to their students.  


-Sigung Clear has a reasonable expectation of interaction with Clear Tai Chi™ 



-An MSO who attempts to block or otherwise prevent communication between  Clear Tai Chi™ (including Sigung Clear or his designated agents) and Clear Tai Chi™ students will be committing an infraction that is actionable and that will likely result in the MSO being removed from being a Clear Tai Chi™ Certified Member School.              

Problems with other Certified Clear Tai Chi™ Member School Owners  

It is expected that you will work to get along and interact peacefully and well with all of the other instructors in the organization and with support staff and management at Clear Tai Chiand go above and beyond to do that. 

However, it is understood that at times situations happen and people get upset.  In such situations it is expected that the both parties will communicate and make overt efforts to try to solve the problem in a reasonable and productive manner.  If a problem can’t be resolved then it needs to be brought to the attention of Sigung Clear along with a list of actions that have been taken to try to resolve the situation.  It is easy for tempers and egos to flare when traveling and training long hours etc..  It is also very easy for people to have mis-communications. 

If your ego is stopping you from making peace with a fellow Certified Clear Tai Chi™ Member School Owner then the problem is you.  Both parties are reasonably expected to be able to work out their differences enough such that a personal disagreement or personality clash does not affect the other teachers and students or harm an event or workshop environment due to infighting or animosity of any kind.       


Religion and politics are 2 of the worst causes of heated disagreement between people.  If either of these issues (or something related to them) is a cause of dispute then politely ask the other party to not discuss it as you do not agree with their position (& strongly desire to keep the peace) OR state that it is simply not appropriate discussion at this time.  Do NOT let the discussion continue without making a direct and obvious statement if you disagree (& want to keep the peace) as your lack of communication can cause them to think you are ok if the discussion continues even if you are not in agreement with them.  This can cause both you, the offending party and anyone who is nearby much grief and unhappiness. 

The best course of action is Apologies all around and agreeing to “let’s do some healing work, Tai Chi” tends to fix a lot.  Again, If your ego is stopping you from making peace with a fellow Certified Clear Tai Chi™ Member School Owner then the problem is you.              


-Upon discovery, Most infractions will be met by written notice with a specific time limit for remedy to the infraction.  The MSO may lose their Member School status until the infraction is remedied.  


If the infraction is determined to be an intentional violation with an intent to hide, ignore or continue the infraction then the Certified Clear Tai ChiTM Member School Status will be terminated immediately and upon review the MSO may no longer be allowed to study the Clear Tai Chi™system.


There are items in this agreement that specifically state that an infraction is grounds for immediate termination from being a Certified Clear Tai ChiTM Member School.  Sigung Clear at his sole discretion will decide if immediate termination of the Certified Member School Status is called for or if a warning (& rapid remedy by the MSO) is sufficient. 

Depending on the circumstances, when an MSO resigns or is terminated for cause they may no longer be allowed to study the Clear Tai Chi™system. This decision is and shall remain at the sole discretion of Sigung Clear.     

Disciplinary Action

-The items herein this agreement are for the benefit of all of the instructors in the Clear Tai Chi™ style and organization including you.  


If you are the recipient of disciplinary action then it is your responsibility to do your best to fix the situation or to officially resign in writing.  It is expected that you will do this professionally and honorably.  


-A bad attitude about being asked, required, expected to follow the rules and / or fix any infractions will not be tolerated and are immediate grounds for complete dismissal and removal as a Certified Clear Tai Chi™ Member school.         


-If an MSO is terminated from or resigns from being a Certified Clear Tai Chi Member School then they must remove all official designations as a Clear Tai Chi™ instructor from their website(s) and FaceBook site(s) and anywhere else they may have them.  The individual may still list that they received the Certification to be an instructor due to the course work that they completed.  However, If the individual is not teaching Clear Tai Chior are mixing some other lessons, styles, techniques, methods etc into their curriculum then they must remove anything that says they are teaching Clear Tai Chi as the dilution of the style (even if the dilution is that they are adding something) makes it no longer Clear Tai Chi and is in violation of this agreement.  MSO agrees that Failure to follow this direction may result in a civil suit as a means of partial remedy wherein damages to Clear Tai ChiTM are an insufficient remedy.  


-If the individual still offers Clear Tai Chiclasses without dilution and they have not committed any offense(s) so there are no disputes and there are no legal or moral problems or issues then they may ask Sigung Clear for permission to continue to call it Clear Tai Chi™.  


The individual may only advertise that they offer Clear Tai Chi™ if they receive written permission from Sigung Clear to do so.   

Sigung Clear will allow or deny the request to continue teaching Clear Tai ChiTM at his sole discretion based on the circumstances including but not limited to the individual’s reason for leaving the organization, the merits of the individual and their behavior, and the reason for their continuation of classes and their request.