Clear Qigong

Health, Longevity, Power & Internal Skill

Health, Longevity, Power & Internal Skill

In this video Sigung Clear takes you inside his personal daily practice.

Daily Nei Gung Practice & 24/7 Training

You’ll learn the exercises for Yi & Qi development along with practices for health, longevity, internal skill, and power.

Sigung Clear has been seeking out and training the best internal practices he can find for over 40 years. This dvd contains the ones he continues to practice every day for his own health and internal skill development.

24/7 training that requires no additional training time!

A key to long term skill development is using training methods that can be practiced all day long, every day, while you are doing your daily activities.

Most of the practices in this video can be done throughout the day, allowing you to train more and develop skill faster.

The few methods that do require a little extra time will more than make up for themselves with increased productivity & efficiency throughout your day.