Regional Organizers Info

Regional Organizers

Regional Organizers teach the full Clear Tai Chi™ curriculum.
This includes certification programs in Clear Tai Chi™ and Clear Internal Push Hands™

East TN
Matt Holker
(612) 810-5220

Harry Legg
(973) 559-3132

Ty Talbert
(951) 317-7474

Boca Raton, FL
Jim Kelly
(561) 419-5403

Washington, DC
Art Donn
(240) 593-0830

Mark Machaud
(616) 902-6460

Chris Walsh
(207) 248-6058

Costa Rica
Sheila Bell

Rob Solmyr lbv

Benefits of Regional Organizer Status

  • Official recognition as a Clear Tai Chi regional representative
  • National Recognition on our websites
  • Promotion on our websites
  • Promotion privileges on our Facebook pages
  • Exclusive Access to Workshops for Regional Organizers ONLY
  • Discounts on our videos and programs
  • Profit-sharing affiliate program
  • Phone Consultations with Sigung Clear
  • Business advice for growing your school & income
  • Advice for promoting local events
  • Direct access to Sigung Clear for training and questions
  • Personal time and instruction for you during workshops



  • At least 3 Instructor Certifications from Clear Martial Arts
    (Clear Tai Chi Level 1, Internal Push Hands Level 1, Fa Kung 1-4)
  • Attend at least 2 of Sigung Clear’s Workshops per year
    (Must Attend the entire Workshop from Beginning to End)
  • Expect to Host Sigung Clear for a yearly Workshop, when possible
  • Must be an active teacher in your area
  • Must Operate 1 or More Clear Tai Chi™ Classes that are ONLY Clear Tai Chi™
    • Do NOT add or subtract anything(Tai Chi forms, methods or Push Hands)
    • You Must teach the Clear Tai Chi™ 8 & 13 Move Form
    • The official Level 1 Clear Tai Chi Internal Push Hands™ skills are listed in the Clear Internal Push Hands™ Level 1 book and on the TEST. Push Hands skills not listed in the Clear Internal Push Hands™ Level 1 book are not acceptable in the Clear Tai Chi™ curriculum.
  • Must only offer Tai Chi to students who live within 90 miles of your school
  • All Uniforms, shirts, etc. must have the Clear Tai Chi™ logo on the right sleeve.
    • All teachers
    • All Students
    • All Promotional T-Shirts, etc.
  • Must Have & Maintain a School Website with a prominently displayed:
    • Clear Tai Chi™ button / image that links to the RO list on
    • Front page listing that RO is a certified Clear Tai Chi™ member school
  • RO will not teach Level 2 and above skills to non-Clear Tai Chi™ students
  • The Learning Environment at Clear Tai Chi™ must be respected at all times.
    • It is not a competition
    • It is not a culture of secrecy
    • It is not a place for ego
  • Always seek peaceful, harmonious interaction with Clear Tai Chi™ Instructors/Staff
  • Maintain a professional attitude & demeanor at all times, including conflict resolution

Click Here To see the complete list of requirements for Clear Tai Chi™ Regional Organizers and Clear Tai Chi™ Member Schools. If you meet these requirements and would like to get involved, please contact Matt Holker by email at