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“The euphoria in Peoria wouldn’t quit.” -Mike Chrisman ‘Illinois Song’

What a weekend!

We had a great time working with the folks in Peoria.

Between seminars, workshops, private lessons and hanging out in restaurant parking lots talking martial arts ’till 1 am we didn’t get much sleep.

But we had a lot of fun!

Topics this weekend included:

* 1 Touch Knockouts of Tai Chi
* Fighting application of Pa Kua circle walking
* Combat Tai Chi (application of internal skills for self defense)
* Qigong healing
* Breathwork for healing yourself or others
* Empty force healing (intro to 1 particular method.)
* Kun Tao Silat: speed and positioning drills.
* Tjimande Bone Breaking
* Whips, applications and drills
* Multiple Attacker positioning of Kun Tao Silat
* Pa Kua Sparring and positioning for multiple attackers
* Footwork: power VS mobility
* Sticking Hands & Push Hands
* and probably some other stuff I’ve forgotten about.

We did film some of it.

Here’s a few highlights:

And here’s a free 50min seminar on 1 Touch KO’s in Tai Chi and some other stuff (Footwork, grabs, various jings, etc.)


Yesterday I talked to a student up in British Columbia who started studying our Combat Tai Chi program recently. He described it as:

“mind bogglingly awesome!”

…and he was amazed at how much he was learning from a video.

Go here to discover the bogglingly awesomeness of instruction so clear and in-depth you can learn more from DVD than most folks learn from live teachers:.


Take Care,
Ben Sterling

P.S. We’ll be in Albany NY on June 1, 2 & 3rd.

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