Arthritis & Tai Chi

arthritis tai chiLearning Tai Chi is an excellent treatment for people with arthritis.

Exercise is a very important part of any arthritis treatment. Unfortunately many traditional forms of exercise are simply too painful or too damaging for people with arthritis. Tai Chi however is slow and fluid without any impact or sudden strenuous movement that might cause pain in people with arthritis. Tai Chi gently takes the joints through their full range of motion.

In extreme cases, where the arthritis is particularly advanced or painful, a qualified Tai Chi teacher can modify the movements or prescribe specific Tai Chi and Chi Kung exercise based on a persons specific needs. A skilled Tai Chi practitioner will not only be able to teach methods and techniques that relieve arthritis pain, they may be able to help treat the arthritis directly as well. Often direct treatment by a chi healing practitioner when combined with Tai Chi can be very effective.

Arthritis patients who want to help treat their arthritis with Tai Chi should begin by learning a short set of Tai Chi movements. Regular practice and your quality of movement are much more important to obtaining results than the number of moves you know. Even as few as 8 moves is plenty for getting results.

The next step (and this should really happen simultaneously with the first) is learning to feel the body’s electrical energy while doing each of the movements. Learning to feel the electrical energy within the body is a critical part of getting the results for arthritis Tai Chi is famous for.

There is obviously a lot more to both Tai Chi and arthritis treatment but the little bit discussed here will go a long way and it’s a good place to start.

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