Belief is NOT required! Results speak for themselves…

We use a lot of crazy words around here.

If you’ve been involved in the internal arts for a while I’m sure you’ve had a number of interesting responses from folks when you talk about Qi and Internal.

First there’s the Dogmatic Skeptics who think it’s all BS.

Just a language we invented to fool ourselves and others into thinking we’re doing something mystical and paranormal. (and unfortunately there are folks out there who do this.)

Then there’s the Language Nazies who whine that you’re pronouncing it wrong or spelling it wrong or using a slightly different definition than they do.

They’re entitled to their opinions, as long as I don’t have to listen to them.

The thing is, it’s the results that matter.

– Can you dodge a machete?
– Does your Qigong make you stronger, healthier and give you more energy?
– Can you KO somebody without effort?

This is what we teach.

…and yes we use funny words sometimes.

Just like any other specialized field we have a special lingo.

It comes in handy sometimes, when other words won’t do.

You don’t have to believe, or agree, to get results.

All you have to do is get to work.

…and work hard.

For some hard work (but also fun and rewarding) go join the Internal Combat Arts course:

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