Body Trauma -Tension & Pain Release

Body Trauma  -Tension & Pain Release
Reverse Dim Mak

In some previous posts and in the Dim Mak healing report I make a reference to healing Dim Mak Vital Point strikes or Reverse Dim Mak.  Essentially this is Body Trauma  -Tension & Pain Release.

Impact Body Trauma can and often does occur when a person is in a car crash or takes any unexpected impact such as from a fall or accidentally running into something or someone.  This impact tends to get locked into the body because the recipient holds the tension in the viscera and fascia small connective tissue inner muscles that are all over the body between organs and various larger muscle groups.

Once an individual grabs that tension and it takes hold in their body then within a couple of days it can cause quite a severe amount of pain due to the lack of oxygen combined with the tension holding the injury in place.  Once the tension is released and the area can properly move and breathe again then the pain tends to go away. This is the kind of work that is a specialty of Sigung Master Richard Clear reverse dim mak method.

At a higher level all of the Dim Mak methods involve learning Reverse Dim Mak to fix the Dim Mak strikes. The pressure point Dim Mak methods generally use specific points to fix and reactivate the physiology. To fix the transfer of force method involves learning to feel and sense the force that has been transmitted to the person and drawing or adjusting and removing it through various modalities including but not limited to counter striking, breath, mind intent and energy manipulation within yourself and then others.

I have personally removed a Dim Mak strike from several different individuals who had been struck by a master of the Chinese art of Dim Hsueh (Delayed Death Touch) and removed the Poison hand Dim Mak strike from one of my own students as related in my previous poison hand post.

My particular studies in Dim Hsueh have focused on the medical aspect of it which of course makes my understanding of how to execute such strikes that much better but also better fits with my goals of being an advanced martial artist who helps people to improve their health and lives physically, mentally and spiritually.

I am remiss to state here that I have not done the best job of obtaining  endorsements and documentation of various incidents and my ability with these skills.  We are working on remedying that now.  So, if any of the readership would like to personally experience one these methods and then have it fixed for them I am happy to do it in exchange for the endorsement after I successfully demonstrate the skill.  In fact we will probably just video the entire thing so that we can post it on our sites and on  the web.

Anyway, at our school and in our Clear Silat and Clear Tai Chi programs we do a lot of training on shock hitting which is a form of Dim Mak striking and it is a method that eventually allows you to hit the opponent anywhere while in motion and still get the effect.  (In motion is the way an unwanted street attack will most likely happen.  2 guys standing there slugging it out with each other is a fist fight that would likely end if one of the two chooses to walk away and most likely not an appropriate place to utilize Dim Mak.)

As a result of this training I find that I have to use Reverse Dim Mak to fix this kind of shock hit strike on a regular basis.  This is the most basic example of reverse Dim Mak and there are other methods.  In this method, I find out where the shock impact is at inside the person including the direction and entry position and angle that the hit came from and how the shock is taking form inside of the person and then simply tap it or pull it out in reverse.

In our programs we train to impart this kind of blow with very little impact and when I am teaching folks unfamiliar with this method I am often asked to touch them with it.  To their surprise the light hit or touch doubles them over.  I usually wait a moment to let them see that the energy is not going away on its own then I fix it.  They are equally surprised when I almost instantly remove the injury because of how quickly it is fixed with such little effort.

I have found that this same type of shock / tension type internal injury can occur from being in a car crash, falling, getting unexpected blunt trauma or by physical or emotional tension getting locked into the body and that a lot of people with unexplained lower back pain are actually suffering from this type of injury which is why it tends to never go completely away and  becomes extremely debilitating over a period of months or years.  When the injury is located in the lower back like this, I can have the person push me just enough to put some pressure through their body while I am touching them (without moving) and by the energy and the feel of their structure I find out where the shock or tension energy is and how it is situated then I remove it essentially using high level Dim Mak in reverse.

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