5 Steps to build Qi Healing skill in 3 days.

Here’s a look at the 5 steps we use to build energy healing ability at our 3 day immersion workshops on Universal Healing Chi Kung.

Step 1: Learn to feel the energy of yourself & others.

We begin by having the practitioners do a lot of Chi Kung designed to build chi and chi flow so that they can easily feel their own energy.

Then, the students learn how to feel the energy of others.

In the workshop environment it is easy to learn because everyone else is also flowing chi so the overall resonance is much higher and much easier to feel.

Step 2: Learn to feel different sensations within the energy field.

Once the practitioner can feel the chi of others, then we train how to build sensitivity and to distinguish between common but distinctly different sensations such as arthritis and temperature differences.

This is easily accomplished in the workshops because most folks have some arthritis and some amount of kidney imbalance due to age and lifestyle.

Then, the students learn how to diagnose the different common sensations felt.

Step 3: Learn to recognize the energetic signature of common ailments.

Once you get the feel of a particular energy then you learn to recognize it. Once you have felt hot compared to cold then you recognize heat when you feel heat again.

The next thing we do in the workshop is work on how to distinguish one type of a similar sensation from another. For example the heat put off by muscle or nerve inflammation is different than dry heat from a lack of water and too much caffeine intake.

Earn your Energy Healing Certification.

Earn your Energy Healing Certification.

Step 4: Build your catalog of sensations.

The student is able to gain a certain basic level of skill during the workshop and then of course will build and refine their practice at home.

The nice thing is that once you learn to recognize a certain sensation, such as the feel of dehydration and caffeine, then from now on you will recognize that sensation for what it is and get better and better at discerning finer details about it.

In this way you build a personal catalog of sensations and what they mean.

Our more advanced practitioners eventually get good enough that they can tell the difference between the feel of a coke and coffee in a person’s kidneys and they can tell approximately how much the person had to drink.

Step 5: Learn to manipulate energy & learn to work on common ailments.

Once you learn how to feel and diagnose, then, it is a simple step to learn how to manipulate the energy. In the workshops the students learn and practice specific energy hand methods to treat a number of basic common ailments.

Students also learn a specific chi kung method for tumors and cancers. I have had several students work with cancer patients with great effect including full remission of the cancer.

The basic methods are simple enough that everyone completes the course with a good working knowledge of the material.

The course includes a guide book that has a synopsis of the full healing method and 3 months of free consulting time to get help and answers to questions regarding the healing work. You leave the course with ability but to gain higher level skill you will have to practice at home.

Many students return to the workshop multiple times to get a tune up, refine and hone their skills.

Learn these skills at our Healing Workshops

Come learn these skills and become a Fa Kung energy healer before the month is out.


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