Can Emitting Chi make you sick?

Q. What is Emitting Chi?

A. Emitting Chi is the practice of releasing and focusing energy to another person for the purpose of helping them to heal or repair an injury or illness.

Q. Can Emitting Chi make you sick?

A. It depends on your practice method.

The most common emission training available today is taught in acupuncture schools.  It involves the acupuncturist focusing their energy through the needles and into the patient.

I have personally spoken with many acupuncturists about this and find that most of them do not utilize a chi emission method in their practice.  They reason is that in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) school most acupuncturists are taught to build, focus and transmit their own physical energy into the patient.

The problem is that to treat a lot of patients with this kind of method the acupuncturist must spend hours every day practicing Chi kung to replenish their energy.  Money, family and time constraints tend not to allow the practitioner enough time to replenish their energy.  If the acupuncturist continues to treat patients without replenishing their Chi then they get quite ill.

Universal Chi Kung emission work is actually healthy for you.  Obviously it is practiced a bit differently and does not use your personal store of energy.  First you connect to the ambient Universal energy and then focus and emit it like a fire hose hooked up to a fire hydrant instead of a 10 gallon tank.  The result is that the practitioner gets healthier as the energy passes through them while doing the healing work.


  1. I like it! Thank you for posting this! My only question is: what is the method of practicing Universal Chi Kung emission?

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