The Chi Energy Debate

chi energy

Chi = Energy

Is Chi real?

In the West many debates have surrounded the idea of Chi and if Chi really exists.

Chi is a Chinese word that when simply translated into English means Energy and or Life-Force.

The debate(s) typically starts around the so called manipulation of the chi life force energy.

Often, these skills are seen demonstrated by advanced masters during cultural events, festivals or demonstrations etc.

Unfortunately, to the average person these skills then appear to be along the lines of a circus sideshow or magic tricks where trickery or illusion and sleight of hand are involved.


Also, many of the techniques of Chi Energy activation and cultivation have been kept secret so little explanation for the seemingly impossible feats of skill are offered and this adds to the idea that some kind of illusion is behind the skills being presented and/or demonstrated.

Much of the secrecy is due to specific groups (religious or trade guilds) or families having a history and tradition of skills and practice that is supposed to be kept within the group or family and not revealed to outsiders.

This is a part of the heritage and cultural phenomenon of the Chinese people and only in very recent years have these practices begun to come into the modern world of scientific exploration, methodology and measurement.

Heart of the Debate

So, is Chi real?

Most modern Masters of the arts agree that all chi phenomena can be explained and fits well within the realm of modern physics.

So, after many years of study and teaching it is my personal feeling that really it is the idea of mind over matter that is at the heart of the debate.

There are other factors that compound the problem of understanding the reality of Chi activation, cultivation and flow.

The first problem to be addressed is a language barrier.

There are words that describe specific aspects of Chi and Chi Kung (Energy Work) practice for which there is simply no direct translation into English and often Chinese teachers of Chi Kung aren’t proficiently fluent in English like a native speaker so although they may know some English there is still a communication barrier.

Another issue to be addressed is that some of the historical background on many of the practices are based on specific exercises and postures that were created to facilitate specific energetic processes and little explanation other than to just do the exercises is commonly taught to beginners.

Lack of Education Leads to A Lack of Understanding

High level Chi Kung skills like so many other advanced practices can require years of dedication and practice to develop and many potential students of Chi Kung start because they see a demonstration or hear about a high level skill and desire to learn it.

Unfortunately, many Chi Kung teachers feel that the beginner must earn the right to learn the real material and see little reason to give any incentive to the beginner.

So, often training begins with a simple practice that does not contain any real immediate Chi activation so when the first practice is to stand in one place and breathe every day for several months or longer or practice the 8 postures without any incentive many would be Chi Kung Masters simply quit due to not understanding or not having enough patience for the traditional process.

As a result there are few truly skilled Westerners in this art form. We feel it is time for this situation to change.

Feel The Energy

We are pleased to offer a text for Westerners to get a real glimpse and basic understanding into the practices of Chi activation, cultivation and flow that will give the practitioner enough knowledge and incentive to advance their studies in this fascinating discipline.

We offer various programs and workshops in Chi Energy training from beginner to advanced and much of what is in this text is at the beginning of many of our programs.

The information in this book applied to Tai Chi, martial arts or energetic arts of any kind will greatly aid and benefit those practices.

We hope you enjoy this book and that it begins or adds to your journey in the Mind Body and Spirit Healing Arts.

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