Chi Emission – Fa Kung

Chi / Qi Emission work is known in mainland China as Fa Kung / Fa Gong. Fa Kung / Fa Gong translates as emission work. Most senior practitioners of Chinese Chi Kung / Qi Kung and Chinese internal martial arts have a favored personal version of Fa Kung / Fa Gong that they practice. Often when watching them work you can actually see the energy being manipulated and worked. Most of the time outsiders do not get to see Fa Kung actually being performed. It is considered to be a very personal and private practice only meant for close students and friends. I have had the good fortune of witnessing quite a few different practitioners and of learning several different methods of Fa Kung.

Essentially in Fa Kung the practitioner does not have to physically touch the recipient of the treatment. Instead the practitioner massages and coaxes the energy eliminating blockages and helping the energy to smoothly flow along the correct path(s) in and around the body. As the energy flows in and through the correct areas without impediment the recipient can feel quite a bit of difference in the affected areas of their body. This can include but is not limited to the recipient regaining motion in joints and areas that have been stiff and locked up for long periods of time and in the case of nerve function etc regaining sensation in body parts where sensation has been lacking for quite some time.

Fa Kung practitioners tend to be able to feel the energy flow inside a persons body and can often detect physical damage and illness directly through the sensation they receive when feeling the energy of the recipient. Often this energy can also be manipulated to bring positive treatment results due to the energy changes and the recipients body then following suit and bringing itself back into proper balance and health. I have a video of several Fa Kung Masters working on a cancer patient in real time with results/affects being monitored on an MRI. The patient goes into full remission within about 15 minutes from the time the Masters start working on the energy.

Master Clear currently holds Chi Kung / Qi Gong Fa Kung Healers certification workshops twice a year at the National Headquarters in Maryville, TN.

Personal Fa Kung Healing sessions are available by appointment. Call (865) 379-9997 or email: and leave a phone # and best time(s) to reach you.

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