Combat Tai Chi Vol 16: Carry the Cauldron & Grand Tai Chi

Run Time: 130 min | Format: NTSC DVD-R

Run Time: 130 min | Format: NTSC DVD-R

This is the last of the form videos in our Combat Tai Chi series.

In this video we learn how to fight with the closing of the set. Sigung Clear takes an in-depth look at the moves ‘Carry the Cauldron’ & ‘Grand Tai Chi.’

  • You will learn the fighting methods and vicious street applications contained in these moves.
  • You’ll also learn internal skills to make these methods and applications much more powerful and effective.
  • You’ll learn the Dim Mak contained within these movements.
  • You’ll learn how to ‘pick up’ your root energy use it for Fa jing.
  • And much more…

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