Vol-19-web-CoverIn this 3 disc set Sigung Clear takes an in depth look at the many different jings, energies and expressions of Tai Chi Chuan.

You learn how to use each of these expressions combatively.

…and you learn how to build each of them with the 16 Move Fighting Set or any Tai Chi set you know.

Here are a few of the many different methods taught in this 3 disc volume:

  • Fajing Set
  • Floating Root Set
  • Drunken Tai Chi Set
  • Silk Reeling Set (Chan Si Jing)
  • Iron Body Set
  • Listening Set (Ting Jing)
  • Compressed Spring Kuntao Set
  • Predator Style Set
  • Whip Set
  • Unbending Arm & Body Set
  • Shackled Set
  • and many more…

You are NOT learning new moves or forms on these DVDS.

(Though we do spend a few minutes showing you how to link the the 16 forms of Clear’s Combat Tai Chi into the 16 move fighting Tai Chi set.)

Instead you are learning how to take ANY Tai Chi forms and sets you already know and practice them with the jings, energies and expressions listed above. As well as many others.


  1. Does this dvd set teach these following skills vibrateing palm, tai chi breathing, and tai chi relaxing methods.

  2. Hello Sigung Clear,

    a while ago I bought the Kuntao Iron Body DVD. I have a question about the bone marrow washing. When you breathe in through the torso, do you breathe in through the zhong mai (middle channel), spine, or the whole torso?



  3. Stephen ENgstrom says

    Hi Ben,
    What’s the difference between the Combat Fighting Jing dvd and the Combat breathing dvd? Thanks

  4. Is this course avail as a download instead of on DVD?

  5. Bob Wolfskill says

    Hi Ben,
    Does the Fighting Set teach anything about Push Hands? Thank you for your help!


    • Matt Holker says

      Hi Bob,

      No, but we do have a lot of material on Push Hands if that’s your thing. This set is about building Internal Power through different ways of practicing your regular form. All of the energetic expressions we teach in this set can be applied to your Push Hands training as well, but the instruction on this set is about developing those qualities during your solo sessions.

      • Bob Wolfskill says

        Thank you, Matt, for your speedy response. I appreciate it!


        • Matt Holker says

          You’re very welcome, Bob!

          • Greetings. Does one have to be an advanced Tai Chi practitioner in order to get the most benefit from these Jing and expressions dvd’s? Or can anyone (including a newbie) put into practice what is taught on this training material?

            Thanx, Faiheez.

          • Matt Holker says

            Hi Faiheez,

            This DVD set was created with beginners in mind. Anyone can put this into practice, but the more experience you have the quicker the learning curve is likely to be.

    • Bob Wolfskill says

      Have purchased Vol. 19-16 Move Fighting Set. What style is this neat form? Thanks for your help.

      • Hi Bob,

        The forms we use were developed by Sigung Richard Clear as training aids, designed to better serve our students than many of the more traditional forms. The approach we take to forms work is most in line with Yang style Tai Chi, while our push hands methods and many of our body work drills come from highly secretive indoor Wu style systems. The material in the 16 move set you bought comes in part from Wu and other styles, but mostly it comes from Yang style through the Dong family lineage. The Dongs were known as the primary fighters among the early Yang stylists, and Sigung Clear has trained with two different masters who came through that lineage. Many of the nuances in the motions and energetic expressions come straight from the personal flavor of Sigung Clear, and so this could be appropriately called “Clear’s Style” Tai Chi, which is usually how we refer to it.

  6. I’m here looking for information on jing and energy accumulation. I’d also like to know practical applications of that energy accumulation. I already practice semen retention to accumulate my jing, but I’d like to understand more in depth about jing itself. For instance, I experimented with cold showers and after a few days of doing it I realized that my electromagnetic field was weaker and that I had clearly burned/used some of my jing by taking the cold showers. Things like this and nocturnal emissions are particularly.. disappointing when it takes so much time to accumulate in the first place. I need a reference point on this stuff.

  7. Daniel Suteja says

    Where can I learn hitting two pile of boards where the second board break but the first board intact?

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