Dissolve the Center?

Dissolve The Center
Tai Chi, Xing Yi & Bagua each use the center in different ways.

Xing Yi fortifies the center, Bagua moves the center and Tai Chi dissolves the center.


Of those three, dissolving the center is usually the toughest for folks to wrap their heads around.

It’s also by far the most difficult.

When it’s done properly the effect is like trying to punch a towel that’s hanging loosely from a clothesline.

Trying to push someone who can do dissolve their center is quite interesting. You can place your hands on their body and feel their clothing, or maybe the surface of their skin but you can’t find anything solid to push against.


By comparison some who is fortifying their center is quite easy to find & push. You might not be able to move them but there is something solid to try and push against.


Someone who is moving their center is also different. You can often find their center but every time you try to push, it slides out from under your fingers or it’s not quite where you thought it would be.

The Internal Combat Arts Course introduces all three of these skills.


With fortifying and moving the center you’ll learn some drills and exercises to help you start building these skills.

Truly dissolving the center is tougher and beyond the scope of the Internal Combat Arts Course but we are able to cover the skills you need to get there.

You’ll learn how to use softness to dissipate incoming force (strikes,) You’ll learn how to hide your center and of course you learn a lot about how to fight with these arts as well.

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