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Dan Eidson asked the following question about Distance Healing. Below his question is my answer.

I know this sounds “out there.” Yet I am fascinated by the study of healing phenomena. Is it possible to transfer bone marrow washing energy to someone else with distant healing techniques?

First let me address the possibility part of the question. I have found that the longer I study and the more I learn the more I figure out that much more is possible than I would have ever imagined. I have definitely learned not to rule anything out because as soon as I do I find myself face to face with someone or something that forces me to change my position on the matter.

This is not to say that I believe everything or a great deal of anything. Quite the contrary. I am a skeptic by nature and I tend to look for the simple and rational answer first and I work hard to poke holes in what I see or think I see and experience. I do this because I am interested in the truth and there is a lot of trickery and nonsense out there to be sure. I find that most of the trickery is based on factual skills and that unfortunately people who want fame, recognition and money more than truth tend to improvise and present trickery as high level ability and skill.

I also find that just because something works does not mean that it works every time and under every condition. Fire exists but not without oxygen. Snow exists but you need freezing temperatures to get snow. I have found that many things are possible but the conditions have to be right.

So, is it possible to transfer the benefits of bone marrow washing energy to someone else with distant healing techniques?

I believe that if you seriously train over a long period of time to gain the ability and work very correctly and very fervently on a regular basis then yes you could transfer the benefits of bone marrow washing to someone else with distance healing techniques.

However, just because something can be done does not mean that it should be done. It is my belief and that of my teachers that the individual person is responsible to heal themselves whenever possible.

So, in the case of Bone Marrow Washing, I could help someone get started with distance healing if it is necessary due to a chronic health problem but as soon as possible they should begin performing Bone Marrow Washing for themselves and I should not be doing it for them.

I hope this helps. Please help stimulate discussion and questions on this.
Best Regards.


  1. As Albert Einstein used to say, and I am no Einstein by any means, “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge”
    If I choose to subcribe to that BS (belief system) as far as I am concerned “the sky is the limit.” We ran off and left the Aristotelian logic of black and white and either/or science in the dust.
    Proving distance healing effect with basic assumption and empirical research in the scientific world is like trying to describe day and night with a black and white TV.
    Nevertheless I would prefer to continue flowering my mind in the open position, with my mantra call of “Never say Never about anything”. As for scepticism, I too find favor in debunking the majority of people who have found “THE way.” They want to sell it to me for a quick fix and a magjik trick or try to piss down my back and tell me its raining.
    I apologize because maybe my question was a bit of a “setup” for you because I have already sampled data with the Quantum Touch crowd on distance healing in groups and how people suddenly started to get better quicker, all the way up to the point of miraculous healing response. Of course they were not, to my knowledge, using Bone Marrow Washing to accomplish this ethereal task. I surmise that much of their healing techiques were captured out of Qi Gong, combined with other methods, for their result. As with Psychotherapeutic tools I have come across in the past, until the technique could be shown to affect long term healing, emotionally and psychologically, it was just another quick fix band-aid healing method, with money making capability according to licensed Pysch community. EFT (emotional freedom technique, emofree.com) works quickly, with long term results in releasing negative emotions through tapping the meridians thereby releasing negative emotions. Now, most of the board of directors for EFT are now M.D.’s, so it got mainstream attention for its high success rate only after a couple of years.

    If you kindly ask your subconscious mind to assist in doing what ever it takes to create a way to use bone marrow washing I doubt it would require extreme Kung effect over a long time to distance heal with bone marrow washing. However I do concur that we should heal our chronic ailments, practicing regularly, before attending to others. (physician heal thyself, so to speak).
    The first place I would start after many, many attempts into transfering bone marrow washing to another via distance healing would be to incorporate Lucid dreaming into transfering the energy through ethereal means. Remote viewing may work as well.
    I’ll stop there before I begin to sound a bit “whacked in the noggin.”
    Discussion or stimulation thereof has been attempted. Thanks for your feedback Richard.

    Best of everything
    Dan Eidson, DCH, LMT

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