Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a general term that describes a wide variety of different practices and modalities. First, we will discuss what we mean by the term energy. We use the term energy the same way that it is used in physics. Then we will discuss what we mean by energy healing.

There are 2 basic types of energy: Stored (potential energy) and Working (kinetic energy). For the purposes of energy healing we are primarily interested in potential energy .

According to physics energy can be described in different ways and it comes in many different forms. Energy can be described as heat (thermal energy), light (radiant energy or radiation), motion (kinetic energy), electrical (electricity), magnetism (magnetic), chemical including chemicals in the air such as oxygen and O2, nuclear energy and gravitational energy. Energy is in everything from sunlight to gravity to everything that has a chemical makeup (which is everything).

The human body contains heat, light in the form of electrical signals such as between synapses and in the brain, chemicals and chemical interactions, absorbed and emitting radiation and is acted upon by gravity. Radiation such as sunlight is normally absorbed and released by our bodies and can be measured with the appropriate scientific devices. There is communication in the body between these different kinds of energy and without such communication we simply could not physically function.

Webster’s English dictionary defines the word heal as being from the Old English word haelen a root from the Old English word hal which means whole.
It is a transitive verb and lists 3 basic definitions:

  1. a. to make sound or whole
    b. to restore to health
  2. a. to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome
    b. to mend or patch up
  3. to restore to original purity or integrity

When we say Energy healing we are specifically referring to the idea that the energy is out of alignment or disturbed or weakened etc and that the effect of this is to cause the body to also become imbalanced or sick and that by aligning or correcting the energy that we are working with the energy to create a healthy state in the individual once again. A Chinese medicine saying about this is that “as it is within so it is without”. In other words the inside and the outside are mirror reflections of the entire person. By healing the energy the goal is to help the whole person to heal.

It is known in Western science that everyone has energy. The Eastern medicine part of this is that we are able to use our energy to connect to the energy of others and make adjustments that will translate into health.


  1. Energy healing is a quick and effective way to set a positive tone for your day. Staying calm and optimistic can truly be a challenge in today’s modern world. With demands and expectations coming from left and right, stress has become the new normal.

  2. Richard Clear says

    Hi Vikki,

    It is our goal to help folks make energy healing part of their daily routine and make health and wellness into the new normal. With great folks like you, I know we can do it.

    Best & Kindest Regards,
    Sifu Clear

  3. Hi Sifu Clear,
    What is wonderful about Eastern energy healing is that it has been developed over so thousands of years by so many practitioners over the years – It is a blend of pragmatism, intuition and theory. i firmly believe that working with the meridians and Chi works, because I have experienced it’s efficacy countless times as both a practitioner and as a recipient.

    It brings both depth and subtlety and is very compatible wit h other modalities and methods.

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