The energy of Tai Chi

The energy of Tai Chi is really science, biology, mechanics, and physics not mumbo-jumbo.

The energy of Tai Chi is science applied to the human body.

This involves an understanding several things:

  • physics
  • biology
  • the mind
  • applications of force and power
  • shock transfer
  • how the body mechanically works
  • how a person can determine the distribution of weight, leverage, the direction and the transfer of force and power.

When you understand these aspects of the energy work, the development, the control and the manipulation of force and power it has great health applications.

Stress is a huge cause of many health problems. One “energy” or body state that Tai Chi trains is to be very calm and relaxed. And in Tai Chi you learn how to use this body state effectively against someone who is trying to kill you. Imagine if you learn how to stay calm and relaxed when someone is attacking you, how much easier is it go to be to stay calm and not get stressed out when the boss is yelling at you or when your rushing to meet a deadline.

Real Tai Chi has 36 basic different kinds of energy.

We’ll talk about a few of them here to give you some idea.

  1. Someone who is tense all the time and uptight. There energy is all locked up. This kind of energy is harmful when you can’t control it and you’re stressed out all the time, but if you understand it you can hit some one with this and transfer some of that energy.
  2. Someone who is really tired and heavy. When they pat you on the back it feels like a ton of bricks. Because of their energy or body state they actually transferred some of their body weight through their hand.
  3. A person who is really exited and jittery. (This one can actually be very deadly when someone fully understands it and knows how to use it correctly)
  4. A person who is really flowing.

Tai Chi is about understand these kinds of body states.

Energy is not usually describe this way in Tai Chi. I’m doing this so you can really get a simple insight into what “energy” (chi) in Tai Chi actually means. These are more external examples or the beginning. With practice and good instruction these then become an internal usage, manipulation and transfer of force and power.

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