Energy Protection – 7 Steps

How you protect your energy or Energy Protection is probably the # 1 question that I get asked by folks who are already energy healers.

It is a common theme that energy healers, including massage therapists and chiropractors, who have their hands on ill and otherwise troubled people for hours every day become more sensitive and are invested mentally, emotionally and financially in their work. As a result they begin to pick up negative feelings, emotions and energy from those who they are attempting to heal. Over time many serious health professionals tend to feel weak and overpowered by the negative energy of others, and of course, then they look for Energy Protection methods.

I will present some Energy Protection methods here to try to help. Realize that the methods I am presenting here are very basic and should be expanded upon.

  1. When you work with / on someone make sure that they want the healing work and that they are willing to do their part in the healing process. Essentially the energy worker is a facilitator not the healer. The individual is the healer. This must be understood by both parties for real healing to occur. The energy worker may need to make a living from what they do but that does not lessen the personal responsibility of the person who is seeking to be healed. So, part of the treatment process is establishing this and acknowledging “what” the individual seeking treatment is doing and can do for healing.
  2. If my job is to massage and/or release tension, strain etc then my work is to do that. When the individuals energy flows freely again I do not let it flow into me. Instead I let the released physical and mental energy flow through them and out of them into the ground or back to source where it is renewed as energy without any good or bad intent. As a healing practitioner I make sure that the recipient of a treatment understands all of this. So, the recipient knows that I will not be receiving their negative energy.
  3. I establish an environment that is predicated on items 1 and 2 of this post and if the individual wants me to work on them without meeting their personal responsibility to themselves and to me as a facilitator then I will not work with / on them.
  4. Part of establishing the correct environment is that the individual / student / patient has work to do. Even if their job is only to relax and breathe then they need to do that job. Commonly in my own practice I have students perform and utilize posture (usually Wu Chi), relaxation, breathing, and various forms of mental focus or attention while I am working on / with them.
  5. Prepare your own mind and body in a very correct state before performing any healing work. I actually tend to charge the air around me with this same energy so that I am protected by an energy shield as well as being in a mental and spiritual state that is difficult for others to penetrate.
  6. If you are not able or strong enough to do this then under normal conditions you are probably not strong enough to heal at this time and should refrain.
  7. If I pick up some negative energy from the student / patient / individual then I immediately stop and work to get it off and out of me through utilizing my own focus, breathing and posture as well as prayer and cold water washing down my arms. I have the student / patient / recipient continue to do their part while I am dispelling the negative energy.

To expand on the Energy Protection methods I recommend that you study materials such as my Protect Your Energy video and study the sections of my Chi Energy book that are designed specifically for this purpose. Also, spend some time with a Master healer who understands and can apply the more advanced methods of mind intent including Yi or I and Shen.

I have students who have picked up on some of the advanced methods without any explanation just because they spent time with me while I was working on / with someone. Students that I have allowed to do this are able to perceive my mind intent working and filling the area and been able to learn how it feels to the degree that they are able to duplicate some of the effect. I do have a program that is designed to teach others how to duplicate this but I have found that it has to be studied one on one through direct transmission.

Eventually with understanding and practice you will be able to Protect Your Energy and really direct and affect the mental and spiritual energy by your thoughts alone. You must be able to feel the energy and mentally be able to direct the energy first in a very real way. I have met many who say that they can do this and then when I ask them to manipulate or push me with their mind or energy or even just send real energy to me they are unable. Tangible real results and affects can be accomplished.

So few have real ability because they have allowed themselves to be fooled into thinking that a very small amount of ability and a bit of mental thinking is a lot more ability than they really have. Real and truly powerful results can be gained but the real work to get it must be done first. I have spent the majority of my life researching these skills and reaped the rewards for having done so. I am offering to help those of you who are serious to get the same impressive results. I am able to help you accomplish these skills with much less time and money than I had to spend just to find quality teachers. But, there still is a cost in time, money and commitment that is required in order to get the real high level skills. Finding a skilled teacher is often difficult and finding a skilled teacher who is willing to teach you is often another level of difficulty altogether.

I am not the most skilled practitioner of these arts on planet Earth by a long shot. I am not willing to teach every last person who walks in my door. You must be of good moral and ethical character desiring to help and protect yourself and others. You must also be very understanding that I am a human being with an American mentality with a family and bills (including business overhead such as paying for a building and an internet expert who works for me full time) and have to get paid for my time, effort and knowledge.

As a teacher I am very open and I have worked and continue to work (for over 30 years now) very hard to attain the best skills and ability that I can. I believe that my skill shows best in the quality of the students and practitioners that I produce.

I sincerely wish you good training and excellent results.


  1. Dan Eidson, DCH, LMT says

    Sifu thanks for showing us about the protection of energy ability and for reminding us that your time is worth money and you have to make a living like everyone else.

    • Sigung Clear says

      Thank you for your understanding and your questions and posts. It is a joy to work with serious students such as yourself. Keep it coming.
      Best Regards.

  2. Dear Sifu,

    Am 59 years and recovering from health problems on acid reflux and hypertension after BPH Operations. Based from your teachings of the art, I believe I can fully recover my health and be back to normal routine work as farmer grower of crops and vegies.
    Thank you and God bless.

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