Fajin – Explosive striking and healing

In many parts of the world Fa Jing is actually known and spelled as Fajin.

As stated in this post on Fa Jing, Fajin strikes can be directed and can be used to impart a strike. Fajin can also be used to remove the energy that has been received from a strike. The healing aspects of issuing this kind of energy have not very often been demonstrated or seen and are relatively unknown. In some of our Clear Tai Chi Fajin video clips we are showing the energy being put into the person and we are showing the fix or healing aspect of the energy being taken out.

When demonstrating live I have found that I get the most reaction and a lot of requests from folks to personally experience this energy, being put in and then taken out, for themselves. We do understand that it can be quite hard to believe how much force can be imparted with such a light strike until you have felt it for yourself.

For both directing the energy of a strike and removing the energy of a strike there are at least several other energetics and jings that must be studied. These include but are not limited to Sung (Relaxation), Peng, Rooting, Ting Jing (listening), sensitivity, Jian Si Jing (Silk Reeling), Condensing, Compressing, Coiling, and Springy energies. Each one of these energetics will add more juice and pop to the Fajin for less and less physically visible effort on the part of the practitioner. Also, as these principles and energetics are truly understood, combined and applied it will take less and less physical effort for the practitioner to Fajin.

Our program offers a progressive training approach so that you can learn beginner to very advanced high level methods of Fajin.

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