Free Online Tai Chi Workshops

"It is time these high level skills where made available to those who want to study them" - Sifu Clear

This holiday season we bring you two free workshops from Clear Tai Chi.

Qi Development Through Internal Push Hands for Health & Combat

The secret to this training is immediate feedback from your partner.

We will use Clears Internal Push Hands to rapidly increase your rate of development in the art.

By working with a partner this practice allows you to make sure you are practiing your Tai Chi correctly and make the micro-adjustments necessary to build these skills to a very high level.

We will work on developing several skills for both health and combat including:

  • The Three Powers (heaven, earth & man)
  • Internal (hidden) Fa Jing & Dim Mak
  • How to lower blood pressure & heart rate
  • How to build bone density
  • Tai Chi Iron Body (Steel Wrapped in Cotton) and More…

I can’t stress enough the importance of this feedback and partner work in order to gain the real benefits Tai Chi has to offer.

Lesson 1: Wu Chi & Energy Building Alignment

Clears internal push hands is practiced while you are standing in a very correct Wu Chi posture.

Wu Chi is an excellent energy building posture that can be used as a solo standing practice. When you add the partner work taught in this lesson your speed of development will increase exponetially.

Get started right now!

Lesson 1: Wu Chi & Energy Building Alignment is available free in the Qi Development guide.

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