Grand Tai Chi

This is the eighth Tai Chi form in the Big 8 Move Set. It is shown below the way a beginner should practice it. As you progress in our system the way you perform the set will change based on which internal skills your are practicing.

1. Begin from the last position in Form 7: Carry the Cauldron

2. The hands begin floating downwards.

3.  Shift your weight to the right foot.

4. Bring your feet together as your hands finish floating downwards.

5. The hands float outwards and then up.

6. The hands continue to float upwards with the palms facing up.

7. The hands continue upwards and begin to come together.

8. Once the hands are as high as they can go they begin to float downwards.

9. Let the body relax and sink as the hands begin to float downwards.

10. Do Not Push Down. The hands should float down gently as you relax and sink

15. The hands continue down to your sides. End in the Wu Chi Posture.


  1. David Hayes says

    Hi Richard,

    Having trained (Cheng form) on my own since 1972, I would like to express my appreciation for your teaching!


  2. KenBogard says

    Extraordinary! I really liked the series and these 8 Form set has allot of martial applications!

  3. Peter Graupner says

    You should consider the age-old experience of the master, the real essence of Tai Chi is the balance of Yin and Yang.It seems to me that in your form the Yang movements are to dominant.It will create a lot of power in to your body (fire is dominant) and without this balance sooner or later your body getting sick.
    You should try to do a few things more with spirit and mind.
    Tai Chi in our time means no more just to beet your enemy it should be good for your health and balance your energy

  4. Durojaye Bunmi says

    I want to learn taichi, but in Nigeria here, no martial art instructor, and you might be thinking that what does a Nigerian want with taichi, well I guess that’s just for me to decide

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