Guided Relaxation

Guided Relaxation is a technique whereby the participant is led through a series of exercises and methods to help the entire body relax both inside and out. This includes specific breathing patterns that aid in the relaxation process. Often participants are surprised by the way that they feel at the end of a session.

Unless you have personally experienced the benefits of deep relaxation before it can be quite surprising how healing relaxation can be. For those who have had the benefit of a really great massage… you may be surprised at how much benefit you can get from your own personal relaxation session.

Most people in modern society today hold in a lot of unwanted and unneeded tension and over time it takes a toll on the persons health, mind and general well being. Excess tension takes energy that you could be using to enjoy life. Folks who carry a lot of excess tension and stress report that they are tired all of the time, get sick more often and cannot enjoy themselves even when they are not working. We can help you to learn how to relax and let go of the extra baggage that bogs you down.

Ideally you are able to relax yourself almost anywhere at anytime just because you choose to do so. This is our goal in working with you on guided relaxation.

First we guide you through a personal relaxation session to help you for today. Then, we teach you specific and barely noticeable physical and breathing exercises that you can use to relax on your own in seconds. Instead of giving you another chore that you have to fight to keep up with each day we teach you a little at a time so that the training becomes a natural part of your life that you benefit from daily. We take this approach so that instead of giving you a fish for one day we are helping you to learn how to get all of the fish you need for a lifetime.

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