Healing Breath Work

Healing Breath Work is a very simple approach to healing that is very profound. Breath is related to everything we do. Ideally every cell in our body gets a full measure of oxygen all of the time. Any cell in the body that is not getting oxygen is dying or dead as the cells can not survive without it. Most people in modern society do not breathe well or deeply. We can work with you directly to help you learn how to breathe deep into your body the way that small children naturally do. This inner breathing is extremely healthy and what one Chinese Master refers to as the real Ancient Chinese Secret.

Healing Breath Work can be practiced &
has the potential to:

  • to facilitate relaxation
  • to remove tension from the body
  • to alleviate the affects of stress and pain
  • to diminish the effects of disease and trauma
  • to allow the mind to calm itself
  • to calm the mind and body,
  • relieve stress-related disorders,
  • improve autonomic functions, for example, digestion and elimination,
  • rejuvenate the nervous system, endocrine glands, bodily tissues, cells, and organs,
  • remove toxins from your body,
  • extend life,
  • enhance perception,
  • steady your mind and strengthen your will

In healing breath work here at Clear Tai Chi we focus on how to breathe fully and completely utilizing a wide variety of breathing methods and techniques and how to use the breath to let go of any and all unnecessary tension. As you breathe in you gather up your aches, pains and troubles and as you breathe out you let your worries float away. Healing Breath Work can put you in tune with the inner workings of your body and mind while alleviating long held tension and pain. Visit today. Call now to make arrangements to try a free healing breath session.


  1. Thank you for the beautiful visualisation of gathering up aches, pains etc and letting them all go. What a great way to start and finish the day.

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