How busy people train more.

Most of us have stuff to do.

Lots of stuff that has little to do with martial arts and takes up lots of time.

…and even though they managed to put a man on the moon over 45 years ago they still haven’t figured out how to add a 25th hour to our day.

So if we want to get good we have two options.

1. Do Less Stuff.

I highly recommend this whenever possible. It’s not easy and takes a lot of work but it can be very rewarding.

…and just because you do less stuff doesn’t necessarily mean you’re practicing more so let’s focus on the easier second option.

2. Do More Kung Fu.

This is just as simple as it sounds and a lot less common than it should be.

All you have to do is take a single principle, body state or skill and begin using it in as many everyday activities as possible. Keep practicing and working it into new activities until it becomes a part of everything you do all the time without you having to think about it.

This may take several months.

Make sure to stick with one single skill for 30 – 60 days before you move on to the next one.

Here are a couple ideas to get started.

1. Whole body breathing – make every breath a nice deep soft slow full breath you can feel all the way down to the ends of your fingers and the tips of your toes.

2. Open and close the joints – Every time you reach for something or push something, open your joints. Every time you pull something or retract a limb, close your joints. Make opening and closing, with your entire body from head to toe, a part of every movement all the time.

3. Alignment & Structure – How often is your alignment less than perfect? Begin fixing this one day at a time in everything you do.

If you need more ideas or need to learn some skills you can begin practicing this way go review The Practical Guide to Internal Power and use the skills and principles taught there:


  1. Good principals. Simple and to the point, information if used properly can go a long way. Thank you for your post.

    Sensei Domi

  2. Ty Talbert says

    Good Stuff. Unfortunately there are to many Black Belt Academies out there. People come to the martial arts believing their goal should be to get a black belt. Your art must be integrated into your life. Using the ideas mention in your daily life can you make you a better martial artist. Using martial arts principals (“better breathing” for example) will make your daily life better.

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