How do you find time to work on all this stuff?

How do you find time to work on all this stuff?I was recently asked this question by one of our online Tai Chi students.

It’s one we get asked a lot.

Hi Ben,

As I continue with Sigung Clear online Tai Chi training I am slowly growing ever more impressed.

Sigung Clear has the rare gift of being able to teach this material so that even a relatively unexceptional individual such as myself can understand & practice what he is teaching!

Being very pleased with what I’m learning, I find myself practicing more & more on a daily basis…

…and therein lies my question:

Is there a recommended “daily practice routine” you eventually get into as you learn the material. I ask because as much as I am loving the practice, I can see time to do all of it being an issue in the near-future.

For example, I had been doing the Wuchi posture pretty religiously on a daily basis. Then I added 3 Dan Tiens Linear..

..then Carry The Cauldron and Grand Tai Chi..

…then Bone Marrow Washing.

Most recently, I’ve added Hold The Bowl/Embrace the Tree and Wall Squats. Pretty soon I will be getting into the Tai Chi Big 8 Set and other material after that.

How do you manage the amount of material?

Does doing 3 Tan Tiens Linear also count as doing the WuChi posture at the same time given that the body alignments are the same? Or is it recommended to ONLY concentrate on the WuChi posture for a while in a practice session & then add 3 Dan Tiens Linear?

Any input from you would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you, I’m glad you’re getting a lot out of the training.

For daily training focus and any individual pieces you need work on.

Anything you are first learning you should focus on individually.

Then start combining and adding principles together.
So Wu Chi and 3 Dan Tiens can happen at the same time.

Once you know the basic moves of the set. Then make sure you can do the entire set with proper Wu Chi alignment the whole time.

Once you automatically do the set with proper Wu Chi alignments then you can move on and focus on the next skill.

Occasionally you should go back and review / tune up a few things.

As you learn more of the different methods & qigong you may pick out specific exercises to address health issues, injuries or other things.

…and so these would become part of your daily practice for a while.

One thing that Sigung Clear still does every day is the energy alignment exercise taught in the Chi Energy DVD.

also taught in the Internal Combat Arts Course:

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