How do you know Qi isn’t just your imagination?

I began teaching Fa Kung Universal Energy Healing back in 1996 and over the last 20 years I’ve heard many different questions about Qi and energy healing.

Here’s one that comes up regularly from people who have not had previous experience with high quality energy healers.

“How do you know you can really Sense/heal/interpret Chi and it is not just your imagination?”

Most people have some amount of arthritis due to general wear and tear and old age.

Energetically arthritis has a very specific sensation.

That sensation is very different from other sensations.

In a blind test, practitioners of my Fa Kung Healing method can easily feel where someone has arthritis and can distinguish the difference between arthritis and other conditions such as neuropathy (loss of sensation usually due to poor circulation and loss of nerve conductivity.)

The treatment method for these two conditions is also quite different. Arthritis is treated by drawing off the stress and neuropathy is treated by encouraging chi flow and circulation to the area.

I teach this method in great depth in my Fa Kung Healing DVD package.

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Take some time to practice my Internal Push Hands method over the weekend.

The sensitivity you build from Internal Push Hands will speed up your progress with the Fu Kung healing work (as well as many other skills.)

The basics of how to play are in the second week of The Practical Guide to Internal Power.

Best Regards,
Richard Clear

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