What is Jing Energy?


What is Jing Energy?

Jing (Jing) Energy is Chi that is directed by mind intent so that it takes on a specific shape, form or expression.

There are approximately 36 basic types and many more methods, combinations and advanced expressions of Energy. There are physical Jing expressions and energetic jings.

Advanced Jing energy can be expressed without outward physical movement on the part of the practitioner.

It can be felt even though it is not seen by the naked eye.

The Foundation of Real Jing Energy Power

Training is a fairly deep and comprehensive study. For instance, most Tai Chi practitioners are aware of root (one type of energy.) However, very few are aware of how much training there is regarding root and the applications of root jing.

Many Western practitioners have a root that is only a few inches or less below the ground.

With shallow root it is not really possible to manipulate the energy that is contained within the root in a way that will work as an effective self defense application.

Think of it as a glass of water and you have only enough water to barely cover the bottom of a cup. If you throw it then it typically disperses before it can reach an intended target and it does not hit with any impact because there is simply not enough water to have any weight. If you try to make a whirlpool shape with it then the little bit of water will stick to the bottom edge of the cup but will not form a decent whirlpool shape because there is simply not enough water to do that.

Root training begins with depth and volume.

The more depth and volume then the more you can do with it.

My main point here is that you want to build a high quality and volume of jing energy. This requires quite a bit of time and work.

How Deep You Can Go with Root Energy

I have had the benefit of working with many different masters and feeling their root.

The average master’s root is many (usually feels like hundreds or more) feet below the ground. The volume extends outward into the room.

When you try to move them it feels like you are trying to rip the concrete up out of the floor while they are still standing there relaxed and not moving.

When they touch you with the jing it feels like you are being hit by a concrete pillar.

The main thing to know is that each kind of jing energy requires a lot of work to build that jing and to be able to apply it in a wide variety of ways also requires quite a bit of training and normally guidance from a skilled master.

The Varieties of Jing Energy

Listed below are some examples of jings that we teach in our curriculum. This list is not comprehensive by any means but will at least give some idea of what is available.

  • Fa jing (explosive jing)
  • Heavy/Rooted/Sinking jing (Chen Jing)
  • Silk reeling (chansi jing)
  • Peng Jing
  • Absorbing jing
  • Pulling silk
  • Electrical jing
  • Magnetic jing
  • Ting jing (listening Jing)
  • Empty force (kong jing)
  • Short/Inch or less Jing (Chuen Jing)
  • Unbending Energy
  • Following Jing (Tzo Jing)
  • Neutralizing Jing (Hua Jing)
  • Borrowing Jing (Tzeh Jing)
  • Rolling/Folding Jing (Jen Jing)
  • Spiral Jing (Dzuen Jing)
  • Cold Jing (Nung Jing)
  • Vibrating Jing (Dow So Jing)
  • Floating


  1. How does someone heal all Jing through out all universes and not just their own Jing?

    • Matt Holker says

      If someone had figured out how to do that, it would already be done and there would be no need for you to ask that question. 🙂
      I wish you luck on your journey to discover a method for that noble goal. In the meantime, I suggest as a first step that you learn how to heal yourself and those around you with the sources of information that are already available. The Fa Kung Energy Healing course is a great place to start: https://www.clearstaichi.com/fa-kung

  2. Excellent article. One of my teachers mentioned that there were 36 jings. 34 known and 2 unknown? I was researching and found your relevant information. Can you direct me to any other resources. Thank you.

    • Matt Holker says

      Hello Dr. Keith,

      There are 36 “primary” Jings, and many MANY more after that! There are many different opinions out there on which Jings should be considered to be in the primary 36. I’ve even seen one famous Tai Chi author put about 52 Jings on his list of the primaries. I’m not sure what your teacher might have meant by 34 known and 2 unknown Jings, but I’m sure you will encounter a lot of theories as you continue your studies!

  3. Where can I find a skilled master xD


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