Large Frame Tai Chi

In Tai Chi there are 3 different frames that are used. Large frame, medium frame and small frame. They each have their uses and applications. This post is about Large frame.

Large frame Tai Chi is good for teaching large groups because it is easy for everyone to see the teacher and follow along. It also lends itself to moving a little more slowly without stress. It is pleasing to the eye and is commonly what is used for picture and videos of large groups practicing in the park.

Due to the aesthetics, sometimes large frame can be overlooked as only a health and healing modality and can be thought of as not providing nice internal benefits. However, there are some very nice healing and internal benefits to be gained from large frame. I will explain some of the benefits in the following paragraphs.

Large frame Tai Chi is great for folks who have Parkinson’s Disease and related cognitive and movement disorders such as Palsy. Large frame Tai Chi performed with correct Yi training helps get the mind into the muscles and promotes full movement as well as help in rehabilitation. We have developed a Tai Chi protocol for Parkinson’s sufferers using Large frame, Yi training, and several other skills. Our protocol produces noticeable results in the very first session, including improved mobility and balance.

Large frame Tai Chi is great for working on your Yi (mind intent). You mentally fill up the space you are working in so that your mind perceives and maps the space you are occupying as you practice. This also improves proprioception. It helps create new mental pathways inside of your body, and it helps you to make better connection to any object / person you are trying to affect. The Yi that is developed from practicing large frame can then be used in both healing (yourself and others), and it also can be applied in very martial arts ways.

The proper use of Yi leads to the state of “Knowing” (or “Dong Jing”), which is a high level Tai Chi skill. Dong Jing is not achieved though Large frame Tai Chi alone, but requires specific training. There are concrete steps one must go through in order to achieve Dong Jing. You can learn what those steps are. All of the training you need to achieve Dong Jing is available in our course called “Knowing: Dong Jing & Yi.”

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Richard Clear


  1. Brian Scott says

    As usual I am impressed by your awareness of the meaning of the traditional terms with the capability to demonstrate as well as talk. I did not know about the different Health benefit of large frame and actually suspected that it was harder for seniors or sick weakened people to do properly as sinking the kwa from this lower stance makes it more work on the legs and difficult to do smooth transitions
    Thanks for this.

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