Learn Clear’s Tai Chi Online

Over the last couple months we have been building an exciting new way for people to learn Clear Tai Chi.

This new project is a website that offers access to Clear Tai Chi videos and forums so that you can learn Tai Chi from anywhere with a high speed internet connection.

You will no longer have to wait for videos to arrive in the mail and you don’t have to worry about scratched discs or lost dvds.

Travelling? You no longer need to pack an extra bag full of Tai Chi DVDs. Just bring your laptop and log in from almost any wifi hotspot in the world.

You will be able to learn the core Clear Tai Chi curriculum online.

Core Curriculum

  • Level 1: Beginner
  • Level 2: Intermediate
  • Level 3: Advanced
  • Level 4: Master

You will be able to access level 1 & 2 as soon as you sign up. To access the advanced levels you must first complete levels 1 & 2.

The core curriculum is focused on developing the advanced internal skills of Tai Chi.

Level 1 is already online with over 12 hrs of instruction and new lessons from level 2 are added every week.

We also have forums where you can ask questions and receive feedback from other Clear Tai Chi students, instructors & Sigung Clear himself.

Clear Tai Chi Online is almost ready.

During the last couple weeks we have been testing the site with a select group of local & long distance students.

We are now ready to open up the site to a larger test group.

So on Monday August 15th we will open up registrationRegistration is now open for 5 days at $35 per month.

Click here for details.

The price will never be this cheap again.

On Friday August 19th at 5pm (EST) registration will close and we will not accept any new members until our grand opening sometime in the fall.

Here is what one of the folks in our test group had to say.

Most likely you have done your homework and if so this will simply be preaching to the choir….Your online program is simply outstanding.
Content, ease of understanding and price leaves Clear Tai Chi Online Program in a class by itself.

The other online programs, even those teaching the “secrets” pale in comparison.

As you know I was introduced to Tai Chi many years ago, and like many other long time players learned the art in a somewhat haphazard catch as catch can method. The step by step method here allows me to confirm hunches and suspicions, plus deepen my level of understanding.

I wish you great success in your new undertaking.


Free Lesson

There is more to talk about but for now I’ll leave you with a free lesson from the new site. Make sure to sign up below for our mailing list so you wont miss anything.

This is an example of some of the older footage available on the site. I’ll have a prettier example for you (newer footage & better lighting) in a couple days.



  1. Hi Guys just wondering if you practiced sitting meditation at clears martial arts? And is qigong better worse or just different to sitting meditation?

    • Matt Holker says

      Hi Brett,

      We do practice sitting meditations in our work. We do many forms of Qigong. Some are more physical, some more mental, and some more “energetic.” We have several sitting meditations that fall into the mental and energetic categories that are a part of the Qigong that we teach. Different types of Qigong are not better or worse than others, but they have different effects and are practiced with different intentions.

      “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” -Albert Einstein

      Similarly, all Qigong is useful. But if you judge sitting meditation by its ability to strengthen the body, you will live your whole life believing it is stupid.

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