Learn How To Relax

whip91008Learning to relax is a key part of practicing Tai Chi, but it’s not always easy. Here’s a simple breathing exercise that will help.

This exercise can be done standing, sitting or laying down. You can even do this an any of the Tai Chi postures if you are have trouble relaxing in a particular one.

Breath in, and slowly tense the whole body as much as you can. Hold the breath and the tension for a couple of seconds, and then relax and let the breath and the tension melt out of your body.

Repeat this a couple times.

Then breath in and relax the body. Hold the breath for a couple seconds and then breath out and relax some more. Repeat this a couple times, and then go back to step one.

You can also try tensing a specific area. If you have an injury or an area that you have trouble relaxing, then tense just that area as you breath in and keep everything else as relaxed as you can. Then repeat the steps above.

With just a little practice this exercise will help you relax more while practicing Tai Chi and in your day to day life.

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