Lesson 8: Fa Jing & Dim Mak

Learn how to train your Fa Jing and Dim Mak with Clear Internal Push Hands in this free online lesson.

Lesson 8 in our free Qi Development Guide is now available. Click Here to begin training.


  1. Michael Evans says

    Sigung Clear, I am looking for a Tai Chi Teacher here in the Orlando FL area. Could you help me in locating one?
    Thank You
    Michael Evans

  2. I am really curious about these free lessons. I am on the email list and eagerly click to view the lesson. Then when I get here there is no content; no video, no text. Are you having a system malfunction? Is anybody on your side checking? I am writing because I really would like to see what is being offered and I am disappointed not to be able to see the lessons. BTW, this happens on my iPad and my computer’s browser. Please look into this. Thanks

    • Hi Tom,
      To view the lessons go to ClearsTaiChi.com/qi-development
      The page is set up so you must share it on Facebook or Twitter to gain access.
      So, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Twitter or Facebook icon.
      You will be asked to log into your Facebook or Twitter account.
      Once you have done that you will automatically be redirected back to the Qi Development page which will now contain all the lessons we have posted so far.

      If you are having trouble viewing the first page try clearing your browser’s cache. If that doesn’t work let me know and I’ll see what else might cause the kind of problem you describe.

      • Hello Ben,

        Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately when I click on the Twitter link I get this message:

        Authorize Clear Tai Chi to use your account?
        Clear Tai Chi
        This application will be able to:
        Read Tweets from your timeline.
        See who you follow, and follow new people.
        Update your profile.
        Post Tweets for you.

        I am happy to make a tweet but allowing you to follow new people in my name, update my profile and post tweets for me is way beyond what I am willing to allow.

        Can’t you set this up to give access to your material after I have made a tweet instead of asking to be granted admin authority on my account?


        • Hi Tom,
          The app that controls access to the page needs the read/write authorization to tweet the link to the page.

          It posts this message: Qi Development – Check out these Two Free Online Workshops for Internal Skill & Power https://www.clearstaichi.com/qi-development

          You can go log into your twitter account and click on your twitter username in the upper right.
          Go to settings and then click on applications

          This will give you a list of all the applications you have given permissions to and you can revoke access at any time.

          So as soon as you’ve authorized the app and gained access to the page you can then revoke access.

          The app puts a cookie in your browser that gives access to the page so you will continue to able to access the Qi Development page unless you clear your browser cookies or something.


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