Mind Intent

What is Mind Intent?

The role of mind intent in in Chi Kung /Qi Gong is most important. Without mind intent very little would actually happen. One of the ideas/theories of higher level practice is that everything is mind intent and that everything else is just a construct vehicle or mechanism to carry out what the mind is actually doing.

So, what is mind intent?

Mind Intent is the intention of the mind. What you are visualizing, thinking about or trying to do including your inner voice command or desire.

When you move or desire to move your mind first issues a mental command to your body and then your body receives the signal and acts as the mind directs. This includes the mental command to not act on wants, desires and needs including such simple things as being presented with food and not eating when you are hungry because you are going to a lunch appointment in an hour and want to eat then instead of now. You have a physical desire to eat but your mind makes the decision and your body follows the order. Also, if you choose to eat something now then your mind has decided to eat now and then the body follows suit. Of course someone who is weak minded may eat now and have a very low ability to exercise their mental power over their own body.

To use mind intent for healing purposes you must first have self control for if you cannot control yourself then how could you possibly control others.

There are different kinds of mind intent. I will list two of the basic and most common kinds here and then describe them a bit.

Yi or I is the intellectual mind intent.

Shen is emotional mind intent.

Intellectual mind intent refers to the idea that if I need to open a door to get from one place to another and there is no emotion attached to the idea and I simply reach out and turn the door knob and then open the door and walk through it then I have used Yi / I intellectual mind intent to do it. There was no emotion behind it I simply mechanically did it.

If I am scared or angry and I perform the same action and practically tear the door off of its hinges without trying to do that then the Shen has manifested into my physical action and the emotional mind intent is causing my physical energy to work in specific and powerful kinds of ways.

In healing if I use Yi / I then I am mechanically using my mind to work and feel inside of the person I am working on. I make adjustments as I feel misalignments and blockages and I simply focus where and how I need to. Most acupuncture is performed using Yi. The acupuncturist feels where and how the person’s energy state is through the meridian system of the body and the acupuncturist is very calm so as to get an accurate assessment. Then, the acupuncturist addresses those systems that are out of balance. With internal Chi Kung work it is the same except the work is done with the manipulation of the energy instead of using needles.

To heal with Shen means that you feel compassion for the person and your heart reaches out to them and they receive healing because this is happening. Empathy is a form of shen. I have found that the most profound healing uses both shen and Yi / I. Your mind must be focused and having love and or compassion helps you to do this on the person as an entire being. Yi or I helps you to get laser focus directly to the affected area in need of treatment.

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