Monster Trucks

I took my son to see TNT Monster Trucks this weekend.  We sat in the 2nd row and were able to see in the side windows of the trucks as they drove by.  It was impressive to watch the precision and control that the drivers must have to do some of the stunts they perform.

The most impressive display of physical ability was the motor bikes.  The cyclists drove up a fairly thin ramp and flew through the air landing on a larger ramp on the other side of the stadium.  One of the cyclists did a death defying backwards flip on his bike several different times each time landing safely on the receiving ramp.  The announcer explained a bit about the precision required that really made it clear how dangerous this stunt is.  Obviously the driver must clear the front receiving edge of the ramp but they must also land on the ramp before the ramp ends or they will land on concrete with horrific consequences.  So, they must land the bike in a space of about 20 feet after traveling approximately 40 feet through the air.  Neat stuff!  Fun for the whole family.

Photo by:  Blue Turban Photography


  1. Bet your kid got a kick out of that! Those big machines look

    pretty monstrous close up.

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