New Combat Tai Chi Program

combat-tai-chi-programWe have a new Combat Tai Chi program under development.

This program is still vary early in development. Normally we would not make an announcement this early but we know this program will be in very high demand and space will fill up fast.

I don’t have a whole lot of info yet but here’s what I do have:

  • This program will focus exclusively on Tai Chi for Combat
  • Sigung Clear has already written out the curriculum.
  • It will consist of 18 DVD’s. Each DVD will be about 2 hrs long.
  • We will be holding a series of workshops (2 or 3) that will cover this information.

We don’t have dates set for the workshops yet (probably next year sometime) and we haven’t started filming the DVD’s yet either.
The first workshop will be on Jan 22, 23 & 24, 2010. For more information click here

If you want to be the first to know about Combat Tai Chi workshop dates or DVD release dates then sign up for our new Combat Tai Chi mailing list. Everyone on this list will find out about new Combat Tai Chi workshop dates and DVD’s before anyone else.

You will also get access to our free 4 day online video course on “Tai Chi Secrets.” This course will introduce you to some of the principles and concepts that are fundamental to the study of Tai Chi but are rarely taught in your typical health club Tai Chi class.

We have also put together a 14 page Free report on Dim Mak. This report discusses several diffirent types of advanced Dim Mak including Dim Hsueh (delayed death touch.) You will get this report as well when you sign up.

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  1. I was most impressed with the combat Tai Chi DVD that I purchased through TRS. In the future I am planning on investing more into the training you are providing both in the internal kung fu and Silat.
    Thanks again Troy

  2. What topics are covered in the “Combat Tai Chi” DVD by TRS Direct? What principles, exercises,..? Is aviable a table of contents? As I understand is a 2 DVD set? How is a total run time?
    I just ordered the Internal Power DVD. 🙂
    Thanks. Igor

    • Hey Igor,
      Thank you for order.

      We start filming our new combat Tai Chi DVD series in about 20 min so I only have time to give you a brief answer.

      The primary focus of the TRS dvd is on the use of the open hand in Tai Chi, and it teaches very powerful, heavy and rapid striking among other things. The DVD is 2 discs however the second disc is not a full length dvd. I’ll look up the actual runtime and get back to you in a day or two.

      Both the Internal Power DVD that you ordered and the TRS DVD are good precursors to the combat Tai Chi DVDs we are filming this weekend.

      Over the next 3 days I’ll try to post some photos and updates about what we are filming (time permitting) so keep an eye out for those, and I’ll answer your question in a little more depth in the next few days.

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