One Simple Secret to Effortless Power.

There are a bunch of ways to generate power in Tai Chi.

However, this is only one aspect of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi training spends much more time learning to exploit the opponent’s weakness.

…and so there are many ways to appear powerful & effortlessly manipulate an opponent simply by exploiting their weakness instead of using any of your own power.

The simplest example of this is to let an opponent off balance themselves and then give them a little nudge in the direction they’re falling.

Of course this doesn’t look like power it looks like they fell off balance.

The secret to taking this to the next level is that everybody is always falling even if they don’t realize it.

Even when you think you’re standing still, your legs are working. Making constant micro adjustments to keep you from falling over.

Learning to feel this is in the opponent is a critical part of Tai Chi training.

You’re building a foundation for this in The Practical Guide to Internal Power and in Clear’s Tai Chi Level 1 & 2 you’ll get specific drills to help with this aspect of sensitivity.

When an opponent tries to push you (or strike you) their instability becomes even worse and with a little practice you can neutralize their incoming force and increase that instability even more.

This is typically called Hua Jing and it’s one way to employ the principle of 4oz moves 1000lbs.

Back in 2013 Sigung Clear did a small group session in Fairfax VA specifically on building Hua Jing and learning to use it.

The first 5 lesson are available right now in the brand new Clear’s Tai Chi Online Members area.

Clear’s Tai Chi Online has been & updated and we’re adding a bunch of new footage and bonus lessons including the workshop on Hua Jing.

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