The 5 Gateway Energies – Tai Chi’s Bread and Butter That Should ALWAYS Be There

Peng, Lu, Ji and An are considered to be primary physical jin energies in Tai Chi Chuan. Each of them has a directional aspect to them- but are more complex than “left” or “down” But … [Read more...]

Peng Jing

Peng Jing translated into English as Ward Off is traditionally considered to be the first postural based Tai Chi energy taught to beginners. I was first exposed to Peng Jing in the late … [Read more...]

Is it Still Tai Chi Without Push Hands?

The Importance of Ting Jin -Sensitivity by Sigung Richard Clear Can you do Tai Chi without Ting Jin (Sensitivity) and still call it Tai Chi? Ting Jin commonly translates as Listening Energy but … [Read more...]