Poison hand

In this post I am going to write about a specific kind of Poison Hand.  The fact that it is a poison hand method actually occurred to me while I was writing this post which started out as a healing article.  I will relate the story of it here and I believe it will become obvious how this ended up being a separate post derived from the one about energy healing.

First of all there seems to be a variety of skills referred to as poison hand.  These range from quite basic low level methods to high level energetic methods.  When I started openly teaching in Florida in the early 1990’s I once had a relatively well known instructor call me from New York over 1,000 miles away.  He called to insist that for my young age at the time it was impossible for me to know poison hand and so I should stop claiming it in any of my advertising.  This in itself was interesting as at that time I only advertised locally in Florida and either did not have my web site yet or the internet was so young that the web site was not a source of any income.  Anyway, the call seemed to be sparked by some kind of (professional?) jealousy.  Notwithstanding out of a reasonable desire to properly educate this gentleman and anyone else who wanted to know that I actually did have it I was happy to explain to him which types I knew and how they were done.  The funniest part of the conversation occurred immediately after I asked him which type of Poison Hand he was claiming that I did not know.  He paused and stammered for a moment (in a way that told me instantly that he was not aware that there was more than one type).  He then said, “Tell me about the most advanced one you know”.  I said okay and began to explain it.  I did not get half way through the explanation before he got very quiet said he had to go and then hung up.  He never bothered me again.

What I really took away from this experience was how little is known about actual poison hand here in the States and that most people are unaware that there are at least several different types of methods that can be correctly classified as poison hand techniques.

One primarily external basic type of poison hand work is for the striker to make contact with at least 3 points with one strike.  A basic example would be to punch and hit a specific easy to hit spot on the arm and as the punch continues forward it hits the neck and then bounces into a specific easy to hit spot on the jaw.  All of these points are in order on a line when you are at the correct angle and position to an incoming attacker.  You simply throw the punch the correct way with the appropriate mindset and it works like a charm.

I originally started to write about this next technique/method as a generic Dim Mak method that I know how to heal but as I am writing this post it occurs to me that I have also heard this technique called poisoning the blood which makes me think that it is one type of very high level Poison hand.  I do know another high level version of Poison hand that works quite a bit differently than the method I am referring to here.  Prior to finding it for myself I had heard about this  method but I had never seen it live.

This other method of poison hand that  I discovered (or re-discovered) quite by accident, is a relatively secret method of Dim Mak which I had heard about but had never actually seen until I accidentally did it to a senior student I was practicing with.  I had heard this Dim Mak strike referred to as the black hand or black touch of death.

The way this type of Dim Mak causes death is that essentially immediately after being struck a bruise forms on the recipient and then a visually obvious (slightly thicker than a vein) black line begins growing and moving from the original point of contact towards the persons heart.  It continues until the person dies from it.

Anyway, the way that I discovered it was totally by accident and I only knew what had happened because all of the effects I witnessed matched what I had heard about this technique.  Interestingly enough once you know this method it is actually fairly easy to reproduce.  Fortunately, I had heard a bit about this method and so I knew the advanced student I was working with was about to have a very bad day (cross through the word day) year.  I did not have a healing method for this Dim Mak as I had not been personally taught it by anyone.  I have been taught how to fix almost every Dim Mak technique / method I have learned at the same time that I learned the Dim Mak method and as an understood part of appropriate responsible learning of such techniques.  Anyway, since an instructor had not taught me I did not have a way at that moment to fix it and although it was progressing slowly it was getting thicker and at its rate of progression (about 2 1/2 inches over the course of 30 minutes at a very steady pace) would have made its way to his heart within several hours.  Out of fear and desperation (an often together albeit unpleasant combo) I literally used my Chi / Qi Emission Fa Gung Healing training and energetically pulled the black line from the point of entry and we (myself, the student I struck and another more advanced senior student) watched as I pulled out the injury.  It slowly retracted and went back down to nothing as I kept working.  At one point I stopped and the flow started back up his arm again proving to me how potent this particular method is.  So, I continued to work on him until I was absolutely certain that the effects were completely gone.


  1. That is an incredible story about the accidental poison hand incident. What are the odds that other practitioners have had that same accident, yet with less experience. With no way of knowing how to reverse the the bruise from running down the heart meridian.
    As we used to say in Hawaii you would be in “Deep Kim Chi.”

  2. Sifu Clear, in reference to the question from the fellow in New York, how were you able to become so proficient in high level healing and martial qi after only a decade(or how long?) of study? It seems that of the few who are able to do these things it tends to take them twenty years at the minimum from what I can gather. I’d be curious to know if you just found you had natural ability to work with like Mozart or Michael Jordan, or did one of your teachers show you a way to learn things more quickly? Thank you!

    • Sifu Clear started studying in ’76 so in the early ’90s he would have been at it for just under 2 decades.

      He’ll be the first to tell you that his skill has nothing to do with natural ability. Hard work, Persistence and good teachers are to blame. To this day he continues to study full time and is constantly working towards developing his skill to the next level.

      There is a lot in the internal arts that takes decades to develop. However there is a whole lot that can be developed much much faster than most people realize as long as you have good instruction and are willing to work for it.

  3. The Poison Hand technique is mentioned on several of the Combat Tai Chi DVD’s. Are there different versions on each DVD?

    • For the most part the poison hand method is the same however it’s applied differently depending on which form the DVD is about.

      The Fajing methods however differ on each DVD.

  4. What happens of someone survives or better said lives with a poison hand attack. More after response

    • Matt Holker says

      There are many types of Poison Hand strikes, and depending on where they hit / what they affect, the consequences can be quite severe. Many poison hand strikes influence the blood pressure and result in temporary knock outs, with all of the short- and long-term consequences that come with that.

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