Push hands & Sticky Hands Video Announcement

The Saturday before last at the annual Christmas workshop for our Tennessee school we recorded the first half of a new Internal Skills Push Hands training video. It is my hope that this video will help people to pick up the basics of how to perform the essential skills of building the sensitivity to really feel inside of themselves in order to much better be able to manipulate their own internal energy.

Also on this video is how to feel deep inside someone else and be able to tell what they are doing with their energy. This includes info on how to drop your root below the ground and how to feel the root depth of someone else. My plan is to finish this video in the next 30 days or so and then to make a new Sticky Hands video. I have already written the curriculum for the Sticky Hands and so it is just a matter of holding the class and recording it.

It is my hope that these two videos will really help folks gain a much better understanding of how to do these practices to build functional skill and ability. I am working very hard to make them in a way so that someone at home can learn from them and actually gain the knowledge of the material even though they and their partner will not have had physical contact with a player who is already skilled with the material.

Making the only potential difficulty that you will need a partner to work on the material.

This video project is quite a challenge and has made me really think about how to present and teach the material. I look forward to finishing the project and getting feedback from those of you who work on the material.

More updates soon.
Merry Christmas.


  1. Would like to leave you some feedback, if I may.

    Provide information for people who mentally process visually, which you already do, for the most part. (example 3 angle video shots and lots of pictures.)
    Provide auditory information for people who mainly process their learning through auditory skills or listening.

    The difficult one is to give hands on drills for people who need to get a feeling or touch something (kinesthetic) as their primary modality in order to learn. Drills that involves hands on practice using touch. Which is actually what the video is about.

    I think you do well in all these areas, however, how can you figure out a way to cause the video to be improved with a good balance of these three learning modalities. There are even some people who process their information digitally. Laying down a list of things to do exactly in a specific order will satisfy their learning process.


  2. Hey Dan,
    This is a great comment and it’s exactly the kinds of things that Sifu spent a great deal of time on before we began filming this dvd.

    Having seen the material while it was being filmed I can say that this dvd is full of great hands on drills that will allow anyone studying long distance to develop the sensitivity necessary for any internal skill as well as many other useful things. (like the internal iron mentioned in previous posts, some positional fajing and many other skills that our internal push hands method builds.)

    We’ll make an announcement with the release date and all the other details about the dvd later this week.

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