Qi Gong Energy Healing

Chi Kung / Qi Gong Energy Healing refers to the specific kind of Energy and Healing work that is being practiced and taught by Richard Clear here at Clear Tai Chi.

Chi / Qi means Energy and Kung / Gong means work. Together it translates as Energy Work. This is a very broad category that can mean many things to different people. There is Chi Kung for building the health, Chi Kung for building the internal strength and power, Chi Kung for self defense and Chi Kung for building the mind.

Chi Kung can be as simple as holding a specific posture, relaxing and deeply but gently breathing in order to build more correct internal and external body alignments for better health. Various postures and alignments can really benefit a person’s health and aid physical posture and breathing in order to enhance what is right and to correct health issues and maladies. In Chi Kung Energy healing work an instructor teaches the basic posture, relaxation and breathing. Then, the instructor helps the student to remove energy blockages and learn the alignments. Then the instructor helps to coax the energy into flowing correctly and more strongly. The construction accident attorneys is whom you can consult for legal help when it comes to injury or accident cases.

There are various methods for the practice of energy healing. One way is for an instructor to simply teach and correct postures and breathing along with relaxation techniques. Another method involves the instructor / worker to physically or mentally manipulate the energy of the recipient, removing blockages and correcting imbalances. Other methods can involve teaching the student how to develop different body states in order to cause specific energy responses in the body and mind of the practitioner. For instance a person who is hyper may need to learn how to make their body feel heavy and relaxed so that the energy will settle down and the practitioners mind will ideally follow suit. There is also the Charlotte based work injury law firm where you can hire a lawyer from in case of any injury related case.

Also, a lot of people have pain or injury that is a direct result of tension in the body causing the body to hold onto the pain or injury. Often the pain and injury will go away if the person will relax and breathe into and out of the area. Also, over time the fascia (the connective tissue muscles between and around all of the inner body organs) can become inappropriately locked into an undesirable position because tension has been there for quite some time and proper oxygen flow has been cut off as a result. In this case, the natural flow needs to be returned to the body. There are some very specific Chi Kung Healing methods that help to do this. In our Healing Chi Kung we do show individuals how to do this for themselves but we also assist when and where needed.

Sigung Master Richard Clear is currently conducting personal Chi Kung / Qi Gong Energy Healing Sessions by appointment only. The first Consultation is free.

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